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Elsa Alcott
Elsa Alcott (ToL).png
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Residences Werites Beacon
Age 13
Height 148 cm
Race Orerines
Japanese Voice Actor Kozue Kamada
Character Designer Mikiko Ichinose

Elsa Alcott is a character during the Character Quest portion of Tales of Legendia.



In the first chapter, Elsa and her father, Arnold Alcott, arrive on the Legacy as new travelers from the Mainland. The two first meets Senel and his friends again when they are being attacked by monsters on their way to Werites Beacon, after this Senel Coolidge, Chloe Valens, Shirley Fennes escort them to the city. When they arrive in Werites Beacon, Elsa and her father head for the doctor's office to see if he can help with his daughter's illness. After these events, she lives in Werites Beacon in the spare room at the doctor's office with Chloe.

A Place to Call Home

During Chloe's Character Quest, Elsa comes to Chloe's room in the morning telling her Arnold goes to Vaclav Bolud's Hidden Fortress to get ingredients for her medicine and never came back. Elsa tries to come with her, but Chloe tells her to stay, although she refuses goes ahead to the Fortress. When the party arrives at the fortress they find Elsa out of strength at the entrance, Chloe tries send her back to town although Senel and Will disagree and take her with them. At the prison cells she grows tire and asks the party if they can take a rest there, and the party agrees.

While taking a rest she sleeps on Chloe's lap, saying her name and drooling, which causes the party laugh. After the is fulled rested they catch up to Arnold, but find him wounded really badly by a Grand Gaet which the party battles and defeats. When the party returns to town she and Arnold go back to the doctors office, because of her worsening condition. The party is called by Arnold the next day to go to the Earth Monument to get the "Spider's Cocoon" to heal Elsa, while he goes to the Forest of No Return. After returning from their quest Harriet Campbell explains Elsa is getting worse and gives Chloe and Will Raynard each a letter.

Will describes how to make the medicine for Elsa, while Chloe's tells her to go to the forest. They then go into Elsa's room and find her breathing hard. Will and Shirley decide to use healing eres on her, but it has no effect. The next day when Chloe goes to the Forest of No Return to face Arnold, Elsa convinces the party to take her with them to the forest to find the two, when they arrive Chloe is about to kill Arnold, however the party stops them. Elsa grabs Arnold's sword and threatens to fight Chloe if she does not stop. Chloe threatens to kill Elsa if she does not move out of the way, but Elsa refuses. After the party defeats "Dark Chloe", Chloe forgives Arnold for what he did. After Arnold and her return to Werites Beacon, and she is cured.


Elsa and Arnold appear during Grune's Character Quest when Schwartz covers the Legacy in darkness and sends dark versions of herself to attack them. When the party tries to use their sacred eres to stop Schwartz, Elsa and her father get sacred eres themselves and defeat the Schwartz clones.