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Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Race Entelexeia

Elucifur (エルシフル Erushifuru?) was a leader of the Entelexeia in Tales of Vesperia. He fought alongside humans during the Great War and was particularly close to Duke Pantarei. Elucifur is also the father of Khroma.


Elucifur took part in the Great War, fighting alongside humans and his companion, Duke, so that the two races could coexist with one another and live in peace. The Entelexeia lost the war, with Elucifur sustaining heavy injuries. Humans took advantage of Elucifur's weakened state and killed him out of fear once the war was over, despite his help, which spurred Duke's hatred for humanity. Duke buried him on Ehmead Hill in a grave that looms over the sea, visiting frequently. When Duke fights the protagonists for the final time in Tarqaron, he draws upon Elucifur's strength to assume a new, more powerful combat form.