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Emeraude (ToCE)
Appearance Tales of Graces
Hometown Telos Astue
Race Fodran (past)
Amarcian (past)
Humanoid (present)
Japanese Voice Actor Eriko Hirata

Emeraude (エメロード Emeroodo?) is a major antagonist in Tales of Graces.


The party first meets Emeraude on the mysterious planet of Fodra, where they follow a mysterious child, a humanoid named Psi, to the room where she has been sleeping in a pod for over 1,000 years. She then joins the party and travels with them, appearing in cutscenes and skits, though she is not a playable character. She briefly accompanies them to the Research Center to repair Sophie, and after a battle with more humanoids, she compliments Pascal for inventing the "Derris Bit", an attachment to the shuttle able to pierce Lambda's Cocoon after noticing the base material reacted to Sophie's power. At this point, she seems determined to make sure Lambda is destroyed, an opinion that changes upon arriving to Ephinea with Asbel Lhant and the others.

At Lambda's Cocoon, she witnesses the extent of Lambda's evolution as the inside of the cocoon was full of various plants and living creatures, something that surprised and intrigued her. After the party defeats Lambda-Richard, Sophie is about to destroy Lambda only to be stopped by Emeraude. She had planned to absorb Lambda herself and gain his power so she could use it to restore Fodra to its former glory, filled with more powerful life forms than any other known species. Growing mad with power and declaring that Ephinea would be sacrificed for Fodra, Emeraude is then fought by Asbel and his friends. After defeating her, she regenerates and momentarily subdues the party but is then rejected by Lambda for thinking she could control his power and treating him as a tool rather than a person. Lambda overwhelms her causing her body to explode, instantly killing her. The cocoon then begins to crumble apart as Lambda reunites with Richard and escapes.

While in the Ghardia Shaft, several flashbacks occur showing Emeraude and Lambda's past. She did not view Lambda as anything more than something to study and did not consider his life meaningful, coldly accepting the orders she was given to kill Lambda. From the way she looks in the flashbacks, she was seen in a wheelchair, later explaining that a past event from a broken device crippled her. This makes the party think that the Emeraude they met and fought was a humanoid with her memories, meant to try and restore Fodra. It is later revealed that she created Sophie, known back then as Protos Heis, to kill Lambda. She calls her P-61. In a way, she is directly responsible for causing Lambda to become evil and for putting in motion the events of the story.

She also makes an appearance in the "Lineage and Legacies" story arc of the PlayStation 3 port of Tales of Graces, as part of the project involving the Little Queen, which she says was a component in creating Sophie. It can also be assumed that the actions caused through Emeraude's fear, arrogance, and lust for power, is what ultimately spurred the Little Queen to wipe out the humans of Fodra. In addition, another humanoid copy of Emeraude who speaks in confusing riddles is later featured as a boss battle in the Zhonecage, a post-game bonus dungeon, providing the party with the opportunity to fight her once more. This version of Emeraude is later named Emeraude 2.0 (エメロード改 Emeroodo Kai?, "Emeraude Revised") when highlighted during battle or viewed within the Enemy Book.

Appearance and Personality[]

Emeraude (ToLink)

Artwork for Tales of Link.

Emeraude has long, emerald hair and has heterochromia: her left eye is purple, while the right one is gold. She dons a mainly black dress with orange patterns on the skirt part and also wears black gloves with orange patterns and a round green crystal is placed on each of the knuckles. Emeraude also wears gray tights and black boots with gold clasps. Her outfit completes a black chocker with white details.

While Emeraude appears kind on the outside, in reality she is cold and ruthless. Her only concern is resurrection of life on Fodra which she intends to achieve in any way possible, even if it means betraying her allies. As a knowledgeable woman, she considers herself as a superior being, thinking that she can take over Lambda and control him, intending to use him in her plan. In flashbacks of Lambda's past, she is shown to be cruel, calling Lambda mere data and, according to Cornell, performing terrifying experiments on him.

Fighting Style[]

Emeraude Cut-in (ToG)

Cut-in image for Tales of Graces.

Emeraude is tenacious due to her long-range fighting style utilizing a wide variety of projectiles and distance attacks that can be used from anywhere. She can also teleport across the battlefield to escape spells or combos. When she is not attacking, an aura surrounds her that damages anyone nearby, keeping melee characters at bay. She will take advantage of Eleth Breaks to cast Killing Field, a dangerous battlefield-wide spell. One of her unnamed artes has her laugh mockingly at the target before summoning a bolt of red lightning to strike them. Much like most bosses, as her health drops, she becomes more aggressive, using advanced versions of her previous ranged attacks, more spells, and being able to use a Blast Caliber during Eleth Break.


  • Emeraude is French for "emerald".
  • According to the Cast of Characters section in Tales of Crestoria, Emeraude's actions were apparently because she originally fell in love with Cornell, and became jealous of Lambda.