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An Empyrean (聖主 Shousu?, "Holy Lord") is an extremely powerful malak in Tales of Berseria. There are five in total: one leader and four others, each representing one of the four elements that provide the foundation for the world. These powerful beings are also present in Tales of Zestiria, which takes place around 1,000 years after the events of Tales of Berseria.


Tales of Berseria

During the events of story, the five Empyreans are as follows:

  • Innominat (カノヌシ Kanonushi?), the leader.
  • Hyanoa (ハヤヒノ Hayahino?), the Empyrean of the Wind element.
  • Musiphe (ムスヒ Musuhi?), the Empyrean of the Fire element.
  • Eumacia (ウマシア Umashia?), the Empyrean of the Earth element.
  • Amenoch (アメノチ Amenochi?), the Empyrean of the Water element.

By the end of the story, Innominat is replaced by Maotelus, and the four elemental Empyreans, who previously lay dormant, assume the vessels of Oscar Dragonia (Hyanoa), Teresa Linares (Amenoch), Shigure Rangetsu (Musiphe), and Melchior Mayvin (Eumacia).

Tales of Zestiria

In Tales of Zestiria, the Empyreans are known as the Five Lords (五大神 Godaishin?, "Five Great Gods"), the five most powerful seraphim on the continent of Glenwood. They are worshiped by the inhabitants, and their leader even extends their blessing to the entire continent. Each of the four other lords are associated with an element, and they each have a protector seraph who presided over the Shepherd's trials in their respective shrines. The Five Lords maintain the balance on the continent and are ostensibly the source of seraphic artes. Maotelus still serves as the replacement to Innominat, though a crest representing Innominat can be found in Artorius's Throne.