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Encoding (エンコード Enkodo?) is a term in Tales of the Rays. It is the process of adapting a world's natural laws for its exoflection in Tir Na Nog, assuming it does not already exist.


Exoflection has no inherent knowledge about the natural laws and particular characteristics of other worlds. It thus relies on the memories of a nexus to import them or interpret these foreign concepts as their closest equivalents in Tir Na Nog. However, a nexus's emotions, ideals, and perception of reality also have the potential to significantly alter or even ignore what may have been unique or very rare in their world. Typically, abilities that can be viewed as divine or otherworldly end up being sealed or significantly weakened from their full potential, but if one has the appropriate catalyst, overray can unleash them for a limited time.

List of Significant Encoding Phenomenon

  • Fundamental forms of energy such as mana, fonons, and aer are all converted into chiral particles.
  • Sentient elemental beings such as aggregate sentiences, centurions, and seraphim are converted into classes of spirits. This also allows armatization to extend beyond seraphim.
  • Leon Magnus's memories of growing up with Chaltier as a sole companion causes everyone to be capable of communicating with the Swordians.
  • Sorey's high resonance and life among the seraphim since birth results in seraphim and hellions being visible to everyone.
  • Malevolence is significantly less harmful to living beings.
  • Afflictions such as calcification and divergence catalyst transformations have been halted.
  • Abilities exhibited by Somatics and related concepts are merged with Tir Na Nog's existing methods of traversing hearts.
  • The concept of fractured dimensions has been discarded; prime and fractured counterparts can coexist in the same space.
  • Reborn are reconceptualized as reincarnations of Nibelung inhabitants.
  • The racial divide between Dahnans and Renans is gone as both live in harmony together.