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An enforcer as it appears in Tales of Crestoria.

An Enforcer EX as it appears in Tales of Crestoria.

Enforcers (執行者 shikkousha?) are an enigmatic race in Tales of Crestoria.


Tied to the vision orb system of justice, enforcers are the beings who carry out the sentences handed down by the world's populace. When a person is deemed a transgressor, enforcers appear at their location and make them disappear with a single touch. In truth, those who disappear are taken to another dimension and killed, their souls trapped in eternal purgatory. Particularly fervent condemnations can call an even larger enforcer called an Enforcer EX (大執行者 Daishikkousha?, "Great Enforcer"). The power that births enforcers is used by Assid and Forte to create Makina, an Administrator of World Order (世界の秩序を司る存在?). Enforcers are not immortal, however; they can only be killed by a transgressor who has drawn their of Blood Sin.


Enforcers can perform various artes to make it difficult for an opponent to fight them, able to damage both individual enemies and groups. As they are made of mana, they can also gain elemental properties, and names associated for each element: Standard (常相?) for non-elemental, Atmos (颯相?) for Wind, Terran (巌相?) for Earth, Infernus (焔相?) for Fire, Marine (濫相?) for Water, Solus (陽相?) for Light, and Tenebrous (陰相?) for Dark. One such arte, Abnormality, inflicts a status effect on an enemy depending on the element of the enforcer who casts it. Enforcers can also take a supportive role, choosing to buff allies and debuff enemies.