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A village in Malkuth blessed with the bounty of nature. Ships its foods to Chesedonia for export to the far corners of the world.

Engeve, the Grocer's Hamlet (食料の村エンゲーブ?) is a small farming village located on the Rugnican continent in Tales of the Abyss.


Engeve is located in northeastern Rugnica near St. Binah and is surrounded by numerous fields suitable for harvesting and raising livestock. The village is responsible for shipping its produce worldwide and is mentioned by several shopkeepers who sell its "fresh food" in various cities. It has a relatively small population of 20,000.


Luke fon Fabre and Tear Grants first travel to Engeve upon realizing they boarded a coach that was taking them to the capital of Malkuth, Grand Chokmah, as opposed to the capital of Kimlasca, Baticul. Upon arrival, they notice the townspeople gathering at the nearby inn and learn that there have been several food thefts in the village recently. Somewhat ignorant of the outside world, Luke fails to pay for an apple and is subsequently accused of being the food thief.

Luke is brought to the mayor of the village, Rose, and furiously maintains his innocence. There, they meet Jade Curtiss, who vouches for Luke's innocence after the pair claim they saw the Tartarus chase the Dark Wings across Rotelro Bridge while onboard the coach. Ion, Fon Master of the Order of Lorelei, then enters to reveal his discovery of Cheagle fur in the storehouse. This clears Luke of his accusations, and the charges against him are dropped. Afterward, Luke and Tear rest at the inn, where he decides they will head to the Cheagle Woods the next day to unveil the mysteries of the thefts. Later in the story, part of the group travels to Engeve in order to evacuate the residents to Chesedonia due to danger of the land falling, as well as the Battle of the Padan Plains ongoing nearby. They succeed, and the village is soon lowered safely into the Qliphoth.