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Entelexeia (始祖の隷長エンテレケイア Shiso no Reichou / "Enterekeia"?) are a race of powerful creatures that reside on Terca Lumireis, representing one of the prominent, sentient races in Tales of Vesperia. They have the ability to absorb aer over time, balancing the amount produced by the aer krene. When an Entelexeia dies, it leaves behind a crystal called an apatheia. Apatheia were used by the Geraios Civilization to create blastia. The will of the Entelexeia is also contained in the apatheia. Every Entelexeia possesses a special region in their brain that enables communication with the Krityans.


The Great War[]

The Great War was a conflict between humans and the Entelexeia. The cause, as explained by Judith at Mt. Temza, was over a new type of blastia, the Hermes blastia, developed in the Kritian city of Temza. The Hermes models intended to "revolutionize" the blastia technology because the new models were more efficient in converting aer into energy, but the blastia using these Hermes-type formulas required massive quantities of aer. The aer krene began producing huge amounts in order to compensate. Such examples can be found at the weather machine in Ragou's mansion, the ceres blastia in the Fiertia, the barrier blastia at Ehmead Hill, and the Ghasfarost Spire. This over-consumption of aer caused it to become more unstable. The Entelexeia realized the dangers of the Hermes blastia before the humans and attempted to warn humans of the dangers of blastia, but the humans refused and the Entelexeia moved to destroy the Hermes blastia.


In an attempt to prevent Estelle's Child of the Full Moon powers from being a danger the world, Rita Mordio attempts to use a formula with Belius's apatheia as a base at the Blade Drifts of Zopheir's aer krene. During the process, however, a miracle occurs: Belius is reborn as Undine, Spirit of Water. Rita realizes that these new beings could convert aer into mana, a substance closer to matter than aer and thus less dangerous, preventing the Adephagos. Terming the process of converting an apatheia into a spirit "spiritization", the group's new goal becomes turning the world's apatheia, blastia cores that power blastia, into Spirits that convert aer into mana. After converting four Entelexeia they meet into the Spirits Undine, Efreet, Sylph, and Gnome, the group manages to succeed in converting the world's blastia cores into spirits.

List of Entelexeia[]

  • Ba'ul is the Entelexeia Judith rides and later, the one that acts as the party's method of aerial transport. Ba'ul is the youngest Entelexeia seen in the story. He has the initial appearance of a dragon, but then that of a whale or large fish after evolving. Judith and Ba'ul met ten years prior to the events of the story when he saved her during the Great War. The Krityans living in Temza feared him, but Judith chose to befriend him.
  • Phaeroh is the most powerful living Entelexeia. He appears as a giant red bird and lives in the Sands of Kogorh. He attempted to kill Estelle at Dahngrest, calling her an "insipid poison" to their world. After attempting to draw the attention of Alexei Dinoia away from the party, he is shot down by Zaude; subsequently, he becomes the Spirit of Fire, Efreet.
  • Belius is the Duce of Nordopolica and Palestralle's guild leader. She only takes an audience on the night of the new moon and has the appearance of a giant, golden fox. Upon meeting the group, she is attacked and injured by the Hunting Blades. When Estelle tries to heal her, her power causes Belius to lose control. Being defeated in battle by the party, she dies and leaves the "cyano ciel crystal". Later, she is transformed into the Spirit of Water, Undine.
  • Gusios is an Entelexeia who was imprisoned by the Hunting Blades in Caer Bocram early in the story. When the reverse barrier is broken, he attacks the party but retreats shortly afterward. Later in the story, he is met in the Erealumen Crystallands, out-of-control from taking in too much aer. Being defeated again, he is transformed into the Spirit of Earth, Gnome.
  • Khroma first appears as Alexei's Krityan assistant. Her dragon form absorbs the red aer from the Weasand of Cados and saves the party after they defeat the "Outbreaker" in the Sands of Kogorh, and the party witnesses Duke Pantarei being transported by her. Much later in the story, at Relewiese Hollow, she is revealed to be an Entelexeia. Testing the party's conviction against Duke's, she fights them, loses, and is transformed into the Spirit of Wind, Sylph.
  • Astal is an Entelexeia the party first sees being attacked by Heracles at Baction. The shrine at Baction was once a temple of worship dedicated to Astal. He is killed by Alexei in the lower part of Baction, and his apatheia is stolen for the sake of Alexei's plans.
  • Krones is the Entelexeia that floats through the air and houses Myorzo, city of the Krityans.
  • Elucifer is never met in the story. He died shortly after the Great War and was Duke's companion. It was his death that caused Duke to stop trusting and communicating with humans altogether.
  • Spiral Draco is the king of Entelexeia who created the Fell Arms.


  • Entelexeia is that which actually realizes what is merely potential. More commonly rendered as entelecheia, the word is of Greek origin and was coined by Aristotle, who used the word in describing his principles of "Potentiality and Actuality". For example, he considers the soul to be an entelecheia because it realizes the potential of organic matter to be a living being.