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Ephinea as it appears in Tales of Graces.

Ephinea (エフィネア Efinea?) is the world in which Tales of Graces takes place. Ephinea relies on large obelisk monuments known as valkines cryas to supply them with eleth, the source of life for the people of Ephinea. There are three valkines cryas on Ephinea: Gloandi in Windor, Duplemar in Strahta, and Forbrannir in Fendel. Each produces a specific type of eleth based on the elements of Wind, Water, and Fire, respectively.

Ephinea is divided into three continents, each governed by a different country. The green, windy continent located in the planet's eastern hemisphere is Windor; the mountainous, desert continent located in the planet's southwestern hemisphere is Strahta; and the large, icy continent located in the planet's northern hemisphere is Fendel. Each of these countries relies on the valkines cryas located there to supply them with the necessary eleth they need in order to survive.


A map of Ephinea depicting its three countries: Windor, Strahta, and Fendel.

The valkines cryas known as Gloandi in Windor, flaunted in the kingdom's capital of Barona, is associated with the Wind element and produces windy weather in the region, though the general climate is mild. Windor is a grassy, forested continent with an abundance of fields, valleys, and oceanic views. It is a monarchy currently under the rule of King Richard. The valkines cryas known as Duplemar in Strahta is associated with the Water element and absorbs the water in the air into itself, producing a very dry atmosphere, so much so that people cannot even sweat. Strahta is covered in desert and yields large mountains, though its inhabitants live in relatively temperate conditions in cities, particularly the capital of Yu Liberte, which is the wealthiest city in the world and the one closest to Duplemar. Strahta is a democracy currently under the rule of President Dylan Paradine.

Finally, the valkines cryas known as Forbrannir in Fendel is associated with the Fire element and absorbs heat, rendering the region a frigid place with sometimes extremely harsh living conditions for its inhabitants. The people of the capital, Zavhert, live better off than those in other parts of the region, with virtually all technology, primarily steam-powered technology, being located in the capital. Like Strahta, Fendel is a democracy, and it is currently under the rule of Chancellor Eigen. Unlike Windor and Strahta, however, Fendel has a history of upheaval and rebellion associated with its "corrupt" government. The Fendelians work in secret with the Amarcian people, who are believed by most of the world to be extinct.