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Tales of Destiny (PSX)


  • Armeida - A village on the northern side of Seinegald.
  • Cresta - A town on the eastern side of Seinegald.
  • Darilsheid - The capital of Seinegald. There's a castle to the north and a harbor to the east.
  • Harmentz - A village on the western side of Seinegald.


  • Janos - A bordertown between Seinegald and Phandaria.
  • Heidelberg - The capital of Phandaria.
  • Cyril - A city on the southern side of Phandaria.
  • Frostheim - Phandaria's port town.



  • Lienea - A village in Fitzgald. Very provincial.
  • Neuestadt - A city in Fitzgald. There's an arena to the north and a harbor to the east.


  • Moreau - Moreau territory in Aquaveil.
  • Sheeden - Sheeden territory in Aquaveil.
  • Terazzi - Terazzi territory in Aquaveil.