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Esvanilla (ToCrestoria).png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Residences Arabumi Plateau
Race Human

Esvanilla (エスヴァニラ Esuvanira?) is a major antagonist in Tales of Crestoria. He is a cruel man who sees only the dark side of humanity and intends to eradicate it.


Ever since he was a child, Esvanilla excelled at magic that pertains to voices. So much so, that he can read the thoughts and personal details of another individual through their voice. However, the more zeal he identified from other people, the more he realized something was off. In the past, Esvanilla's father was a great artist who held an arts exhibition. However, when the art proved to be too provocative, every artist that attended was condemned. Terrified, the man destroyed the art, only to be condemned on the basis of "censorship", and everyone was dispatched by the enforcers.

Esvanilla became disgusted when he eventually learned that the reasons for condemnation were petty and selfish, using the vision orbs as an excuse to vent their frustrations, improve themselves, and drag others down to their own misery. And so, he decides to start changing the world by purging it of the people who condemned pettily.

Esvanilla identifies those who plea for condemnation with unusual zeal, and brings them to a ghost town in Toshimina, near the Arabumi Plateau, and uses the truesight stone on a person, manifesting a black stone that echoes their innermost thoughts. After hearing them, he feeds the stones to a monster he has tamed, which gives the monster the voice of the speaker and targets them. Once in range, the monster incinerates the voice's owner, leaving behind a large beacon of smoke.

Esvanilla is first seen at his hideout, where he is caught using his truesight stone on a man who does not care for whoever is condemned. After the party defeats the monster that killed the resident, Esvanilla sees that they are all the transgressors he saw on Vision Central, Kanata Hjuger, Misella, Aegis Alver, Yuna Azetta, and the Great Transgressor, Vicious. When he pleads his case, they refuse to align with him, considering him no better than the vision orb system itself. In retaliation, Esvanilla orders his personal troops to kill them, only to be defeated. He then has his troops bring Nash, who they had already discovered was following the party, and uses his truesight stone on Nash, revealing his envy of Kanata. In preparation for Nash's execution, he feeds the crystal echoing Nash's hateful words to a Graddic Claw, which charges at Nash, only for the party to fall into a sinkhole.

When Esvanilla catches up to Kanata and Nash, Kanata declares that he is going the destroy the vision orbs. Esvanilla in turn reveals that the vision orb system is a crucial piece in his revolution. To fight back, Esvanilla uses the truesight stone on himself, summoning an Ammit known as the King of Arabumi (アラブミの王?).

Appearance and Personality

Esvanilla is a young man with purple hair, blue eyes, and a red marking on his left eye. He wears a dark-colored mage's robe, and pendant on the left side of his hair.

Esvanilla has no obligation to treat those who use the vision orbs as fellow human beings, relishing in killing them. Esvanilla sees himself as a revolutionary who has the power to rectify the world, and every right to use it as such. He is also shown to be charismatic, having the support of many people. While they are enemies, he seems to hold Vicious in high esteem for defying the world that condemned him.