Eternal Blade (エターナルブレイド Etaanarubureido?) is Cress Albane's mystic arte associated with his space-time attacks.

Arte Description and History

In its original form, Eternal Blade is Cress Albane's counter to Reid Hershel's Dragon Demon Chaos and incorporates elements of the three space-time attacks. Upon being targeted by Reid's Divine Skill, Cress will release a wave of energy, similar to Chaos Blade's final motions, before teleporting into the air in a column of energy, as in Lunge's opening, before finally slashing down, as with Distortion Blade. All of this is done over the image of a purple clock, in reference to the time aspect of his space-time attacks. This only occurs if Cress is the target of Dragon Demon Chaos. If Arche Klein is the target, his Eternal Blade will not trigger. Cress Albane gains the ability to use it as a playable character in Tales of Phantasia: Cross Edition.


Mothership Titles

Mobile Titles


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