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Game Tales of Phantasia
World Aselia
Country Kingdom of Euclid
Region Euclidian Continent

The City of Euclid (ユークリッドの都 Yuukuriddo no Miyako?, "Capital of Euclid"), known as the Euclid Village (ユークリッド村 Yuukuriddo Mura?) in the past, is the capital of the Kingdom of Euclid, which spans the Euclidean continent of Aselia in Tales of Phantasia. The city lies between Venezia and the village known during different points in history as Belladem, Toltus, and Miguel, with Lone Valley to its northeast.


Euclid is a lone city surrounded by plenty of land but not much else. Ocean surrounds all but the south, which has a mountain pass connecting it to Toltus and a bridge to the northeast connecting it to Lone Valley and the Venezian continent. It also features an extensive aqueduct system connected to its dungeon. As a village in the past, Euclid is a rural place with abundant plant life and many hills. Its houses are made of wood, contributing to its gentle atmosphere. When the continent unites and forms a kingdom sometime before the present, Euclid grows much larger and grander. It becomes host to sprawling stone streets and high walls, and what previous is its north exit instead becomes the entrance to Euclid's castle, which is host first to its Independent Order of Knights (独立騎士団 Dokuritsu Kishidan?) and then its Order of the Black Knights (黒鎧騎士団 Kuroyoroi Kishidan?).

Euclid is, surprisingly, also a home of research, both in science and magic. Though no such place exists in the present, in the past, it is the place where Claus F. Lester and Milard Rune teach theories behind magic to prospective students, and in the future, it is home to the Royal Science Academy. Euclid's castle also contains some interesting features: a small library with some of the history of the Euclidian continent, as well as the Euclid Arena, where the kingdom hosts Battle Tournaments. Though there is much change between its past and present, there is very little between the present and future. Most of the shops, though some go by different names, retain their same positions. Where Cress Albane's uncle Olson's house once was is now the Royal Science Academy, and where Mars Uldole's house once was now contains a boy whose dog can sing a wordless "Yume wa Owaranai".

Places of Interest

Present Timeline:

  • Euclid Inn
  • "Tenbu" General Store
  • "Sacred Knight" (ホーリーナイト Holy Knight?) Equipment Store
  • "Marrion" Grocery Store
  • "Mellow Mellow" Street Vendor
  • Mars Uldole's home
  • Cress Albane's uncle Olson and aunt Joanne's home
  • Euclid Castle (ユークリッド城 Yuukuriddo-shiro?)

Past Timeline:

  • Euclid Inn
  • Cat-Lover's Home
  • "Veggito's" (ベジット Veggito?) Grocery Store
  • "Bishop" Equipment Shop
  • "Cat's Eye" (猫目 Nekome?) General Store
  • Claus's Magic Training Grounds (魔法修練場 Mahou Shuurenjou?), his home and school for magic
  • Troupe of musicians performing

Future Timeline:

  • Euclid Inn
  • "Sacred Knight" (ホーリーナイト Holy Knight?) Equipment Store
  • "Hoods" (ほっかむり Hokkamuri?) General Store
  • "Hello Hello" (へろへろQ Hello Hello Q?) Street Vendor
  • "Relish" (あじおう Ajiou?) Grocery Store
  • Royal Science Academy of Euclid
  • Euclid Castle (ユークリッド城 Yuukuriddo-shiro?)
    • Arena
    • Library


Tales of Phantasia

In Tales of Phantasia, after Toltus's massacre, Cress flees to his uncle Olson's home in Euclid. There, he discovers from the soldiers at the castle's door that Mars gained control of the Independent Order of Knights from Cress's father, Miguel Albane. Cress visits Mars's wife, who tells Cress that she has not seen her husband in three months, after he left in the middle of the night in armor. Resting for the night at his uncle's place, Cress is awoken by the same soldiers who destroyed his hometown. Olson gives the soldiers his nephew in order to prevent Euclid from becoming like Toltus, and Cress is forced away, betrayed. Cress is thrust into one of the cells in Euclid's dungeon to rot while stripped of his equipment. A voice calls to him, however, and offers him an earring, which allows him to blow a hole in the wall of his cell. The woman there is dead, though the hand that helps him is warm. Cress takes the sword pierced through her body and uses it as his weapon, prying open cell doors. He then meets a young woman named Mint Adenade, whose mother is supposed to be in the cell with the corpse. Lying about her mother's state, Cress and Mint escape from the dungeon into the aqueducts.

In the aqueducts, Cress finds his first "Memory Gylph", and Mint explains its function to him. Crossing the monster-filled walkways, they come across a "Spiny Devil" guarding the exit, whom they defeat. After the battle, Cress and Mint exit into a tree-lined area, only for a monster to drop behind Mint. Protecting her, Cress is knocked out. Half-conscious, Cress dreams of his parents as Mint helps him escape, ending up in Trinicus D. Morrison's house. After they end up in the past, Cress and Mint head to Euclid Village seeking Claus and his knowledge of magic, the only thing that can defeat Dhaos. At Euclid Village, Claus at first brushes the pair off, thinking them to be liars attempting to gain free magic lessons under the guise of saving the world, but his assistant, Milard, forces him to listen, and he asks the pair to accompany him to Lone Valley. At Euclid, Cress and Mint also meet a woman named Nancy, whom Mint identifies as lovesick. They soon discover that she loves a man named Elwin, and they try to attempt to convince Elwin to see her, but Elwin tells them that his father is the president of a trading company in Venezia and that he is only there on business. Elwin does admit that he wants to see Nancy, but since he has to leave soon, he would not be able to see her again. Cress and Mint tell Nancy this, who is disheartened at the news. They attempt to find Elwin again, only to find that he has returned to Venezia.

Once the group's travels take them into the future, southern Euclid is spared from Dhaos's attacks due to the presence of the Forest of Spirits, the Great Tree Yggdrasill's home, so near to it. At Euclid, Claus is astounded by the changes in Euclid, but at the inn, he is only reminded of Milard and the simple things they shared. The group attempts to go to Alvanista through Venezia, but no ships will run because of Dhaos's influence over the seas. Harrison allows them into Euclid's Royal Science Academy and the magitech laboratory beneath it. There, they meet with the scientist Stanley, who is developing the Techbirds, machines that can fly through the air. The Techbirds need more power, however, and the scientists enlist Claus's help to make a pact with the Lightning Spirit Volt. Once he does, they obtain the Techbirds for flight, as well as upgrade Arche Klein's broom for long-distance travel. After discovering from Ranzo Fujibayashi that Suzu Fujibayashi's parents were sighted in Euclid, Cress joins Euclid's Battle Tournament. Fighting his way through to the top, Cress is attacked by Suzu's parents, Dozo and Okiyo. Whether he wins or loses, the ninja still die, and the Battle Tournament is considered null and void, though Suzu joins them on the quest.

While staying the night at Arlee, Claus uses a one-time favor from the Spirit Origin to view the past. He sees Milard teaching children and finds himself at peace. Once Dhaos is defeated, Claus returns to Euclid Village, and Milard embraces him.

Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon

In Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon, a hundred years from Cress's present, Mel and Dio undergo the Ordeal of Spirits. They visit the Euclid Village of AC. 4203, one year after Claus returns from his journeys. At Euclid Village, the pair first meet with Milard, who gushes over them, before talking with Claus about his experiences in the fight against Dhaos. Claus sends them on their way after talking, and Mel and Dio return to Euclid many times. Before they head to the Cave of Earth, they are asked by a boy named Pakku to retrieve a treasure box stolen from him by a "Clay Idol". Mel and Dio return with the box, and Pakku thanks them.

Euclid is also home to the Treasure Hunter Z, Silver. Silver's dream is to find O-Parts, advanced technology from a lost civilization, and he has the party go searching for him using a dowsing pendulum. They find a lithograph, which they have Claus translate, that tells them to go to the Ancient Ruins. They follow the directions there, only to be attacked by the device they find and are forced to destroy it. In order to keep up Silver's dreams, Dio lies to him that they found a mysterious device too big to bring back, and Silver, gleefully, finds treasure-hunting spirit renewed.

Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage

During the events of Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage, the summoner Fulein K. Lester successfully fights off the enemies at Alvanista when he hears that Euclid is under attack and heads there. Repulsing the Demon Lord Xex's monsters, Fulein finds out that Xex is a product of magitech whose creator was killed for treason in Euclid. Swearing vengeance on the humans who destroyed what he loved, Xex retreats to wreak more havoc. The King of Euclid orders Fulein after Xex, but Fulein compromises that, if he can reform Xex, then Xex should be able to live. He then writes a letter of passage to allow him to travel easier and also directs him to Lone Valley, where one of his ancestor Claus's pact rings may be found.


  • 120 years before the future timeline, which puts it between the past and present timelines, Euclid was split into three separate tribes, each of whom made the Republic of Euclid: the Delonio Clan, who ruled Venezia; the Maelgan, who ruled southern Euclid; and the Euclidian Clan, who held the northern part. King Euclid XXI, the king in the future, is a descendant of Ralph du Euclidnia (ラルフ=ド=ユークリッドニア?).