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Eugene Gallardo
Eugene Gallardo
Game Tales of Rebirth
Age 40
Height 6'4" / 193 cm
Weight 238 lbs / 108 kg
Race Gajuma
Weapon Spear
Japanese Voice Actor Unshou Ishizuka
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Eugene Gallardo (ユージーン・ガラルド Yuujiin Gararudo?) is one of the playable characters in Tales of Rebirth. He is of the Gajuma race, a race of beastmen. His form is of a black panther. In battle, he wields a long spear and is often considered the "tank" of the team due to having the highest HP and solid defense. He is an exiled commander of the King's Shield, and is the only pure Gajuma of the team. Because of this, he is often confronted with questions about helping Huma when other Gajuma are fighting against them. Eugene is also the possessor of the Force of Steel, which gives him enormous force with his bare hands, capable of destroying boulders.


Respected Commander

Eugene Status (ToR)

Status image in Tales of Rebirth.

Eugene was one of the prominent figures in Calegia, a world where Huma and Gajuma coexist together in harmony. He was a high-ranking commander of the kingdom and served King Ladras Lindblum along with General Milhaust Selkirk. He was also good friends with Doctor Barrs, the most revered doctor in the kingdom, and Walto, the possessor of Force of Sound and one of the Four Stars. His reputation was also very high, so much that a lot of soldiers harbored deep respect for him, Huma and Gajuma alike. One day, during his career as a commander, Eugene found a young boy who had no memory, who he named Mao. He, like Eugene, was the possessor of the Force of Fire, which was currently uncommon for a Huma like Mao. This is why Eugene decided to take Mao under his protection, acting like a father figure and protector to him.

Fall from Grace

The day of peace ended abruptly when Ladras succumbed into sickness. On his deathbed, he struggled to move to a ceremonial site and unleashed all his Force power, which caused several other Huma to develop Force powers. Eugene and Milhaust attempted to stop him, but it was too late. Later, Eugene decided to discuss about the sickness and Ladras's death with Doctor Barrs, the man tending to Ladras's sickness during his last days.

Upon speaking further, Barrs suddenly acts very strangely, as if he is the one who served poison to Ladras and effectively killing him. Barrs attacks Eugene, but Eugene retaliates, resulting with him stabbing Barrs with the latter's knife. Before he dies, Barrs returns to his old self and mentions Ladras's daughter, Agarte Lindblum, and his daughter, Annie Barrs. Upon his death, Eugene is overcome with guilt, and shortly after a soldier witnesses the scene and summons the Kingdom's adviser, Zilva Madigan. Eugene takes the blame for killing Doctor Barrs and is arrested. Later, he is stripped of his rank, a punishment he gladly accepted, and goes into exile with Mao. They decide to investigate the mystery of Ladras's death, which became known as the "Setting Sun of Ladras", and hope that they will find an answer to quell the disasters which had been occurring lately, caused by the Force power coming out of the Huma bodies.

The Journey

Chibi Eugene

Chibi artwork.

Their search leads them to the village of Sulz, where they meet the recently awakened user of the Force of Ice, Veigue Lungberg. Eugene attempts to get him to accompany them in their journey, but Veigue refuses. Just then, two of the Four Stars, Saleh and Tohma, come to the village and capture Veigue's childhood friend Claire Bennett. Before Veigue can do anything stupid that can cost his life, Eugene is quick enough to stop him. Eventually, under the reason to rescue Claire, Veigue joins the group. However, while they travel to the Minal, they are ambushed with none other than the daughter of Doctor Barrs, Annie Barrs, who has developed a hatred toward the Gajuma race since Eugene killed her father. Eugene does not back down from the fact, and after defeating her, he encourages her to live on so she may kill him one day. The group ends up nursing her back to health in Minal, and after several difficulties that arise due to it, she joins them on Eugene's suggestion to stay close with him so she may find many opportunities to kill him.

During their journey, they eventually gain the help of a hot-blooded, idealistic worker of Petnadjanka, Tytree Crowe, and a Half formerly under the King's Shield, Hilda Rhambling. During their journey, Eugene makes a lot of efforts to protect Annie, especially due to her fragile body, although as of that time she still hates him. Eventually, they make it to the Capital Balka and succeeds in getting to the Castle. However, they are caught and sent to the prison after an audience with Queen Agarte. They manage to escape and make it to the ceremonial site, where Agarte is preparing for a ritual to switch her body with Claire's. While Veigue rushes to save her, Eugene and the others stalls those who guards the ceremonial site, Walto and Militsa of the Four Stars. When they are done with the two, they rush to Veigue's assistance. However, they end up fighting a recently resurrected King of Sacred Beast, Geyorkias. They end up victorious and later move on to their separate paths.

Murderous Thoughts

Eugene Portrait

Portrait artwork for Tales of Rebirth.

While Eugene is getting ready for another journey, he begins to feel rather weird within his body. His mind is welling with the thoughts of hatred on the Huma race whenever he sees or thinks about them, and he becomes prone to going into a berserk state, attacking everything in his sight. He attempts to investigate about this event, thinking that Geyorkias's defeat may have something to do with it, but eventually he can not handle his berserk state anymore. Eventually, he locks himself in Mesechina Cavern and constantly mutters the names "Veigue", "Tytree", and "Hilda" in between his normal and berserked state. Mao asks Annie to fetch the three as he guards Eugene.

Annie later returns with just Veigue and Tytree. Eugene reveals that he wants them to kill him. Before he can say anything else, he goes into a berserked state, forcing the group to back away for awhile. They later return again with Hilda and the cure to calm him down. However, before he can drink it, Eugene goes into another berserker rage and attacks the group. They manage to knock him down and have him drink the cure. Eugene calms down and explains his investigation. They eventually learn about the thoughts spread after Geyorkias's defeat, and that the only way to purify it is to revive the Sacred Beasts.

Eugene Opening

Opening still from Tales of Rebirth.

In this new journey, racism issues become a very serious problem, and Eugene finds himself becoming the voice of the party when it comes to dealing with the Gajuma race. However, when he is confused, his Force will go out of control, and he goes berserk again. Thankfully, he manages not to get the party involved by taking out his anger against Viruses. Along the way, they learn that Claire and Agarte managed to switch bodies at the ceremony before. Eventually, when Annie achieves the power of the Sacred Beast of Wind, Wontiga, she learns the truth behind her father's death, and she tearfully apologizes to Eugene. He says that the Doctor Barrs he knew was not someone who would kill the King for his own benefit, but a doctor protecting everyone equally. He asks Annie to find out the truth together with him, and she agrees.

Eugene is the last to achieve the power of the Sacred Beasts, in his case the Sacred Beast of Earth, Randgriz, located below the city of Sannytown. Eugene's tests consist of confronting his own shadow, which harbors great hatred toward the Huma race. He confirms that the hatred to Huma exists in his heart, and that he has been holding back his hatred for Huma despite the medicine he took, but he has learned and achieved something beyond race thanks to his friends: bonds.

Truth and Final Battle

Eugene Randgriz Artwork

Illustration artwork with Randgriz.

With Eugene gaining Randgriz's power, the thoughts of hatred is purified from the world, but it does not purify the conflicts left behind by the hatred. The party's journey is not over yet. They end up traveling throughout the world stopping various racism conflicts. As they journey, they find out that the negative emotions caused by the conflicts become so great that it becomes capable of destroying cities and eventually the world. Eventually, it is decided that they must revive Geyorkias in Mount Sovereign and persuade him to restore order. On Mount Sovereign, they defeat the Four Stars. Eugene manages to persuade Walto to stop the futile fighting and side with them for the good of the land. This also causes Militsa to stop fighting. Unfortunately, the rest of the Four Stars, Saleh and Tohma, do not follow this idea and end up killing each other as the group leaves them.

Reaching the end of Mount Sovereign, they encounter Zilva, who suddenly reveals that she will be reviving Geyorkias to wipe out the Huma from the world. When she suddenly strikes a gesture, Eugene and Annie are shocked as they recognize the gesture as Doctor Barrs's. To his horror, Barrs's plot to kill Ladras was actually Zilva's plot to eventually manipulate Agarte. The ones getting in her way were Ladras, Eugene and Ladras's doctor. And so, she switched bodies with Doctor Barrs, had him serve poison to Ladras and attempted to kill Eugene, only to have him retaliate and kill Barrs, and perfectly put him in a position where he could be framed and exiled for murder.

The party succeeds in defeating Zilva, although Eugene says that he should have noticed her plot earlier. The group proceeds to persuade Geyorkias, but he says that all is too late, as a being even greater than them, born from negative emotions called Yuris, has arrived and is slowly consuming the world. The party decides to destroy Yuris. Although they are being weakened during their journey, the people throughout the world learn to accept and love each other, granting the group sufficient power to eventually banish Yuris. Agarte and Claire soon after switch bodies again, restoring everything back to normal. Unfortunately, Agarte soon dies due to fatigue. Although he is forgiven from his crimes, apparently Eugene chooses to not return to the King's Shield. In his ending picture, it is shown that he is once again traveling throughout the world with Mao at his side.

Other Appearances

Eugene Gallardo (ToLink)

Artwork for Tales of Link.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

Eugene is a playable character in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, the only member of the Lancer class, and with the title "Former Captain". He is the Guild Master of Ad Libitum's Gavada chapter, and can be recruited into the party there. He is the only playable representative of Tales of Rebirth in this game. Annie Barrs also appears as a member of Ad Libitum, but does not fight as a member of the party.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2

Eugene reappears as a playable character in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2. Eugene first appears along side Mao in the game during the ninth story mission when the Protagonist with Annie and Ruca Milda go into the Garret Forest to find the Veigue and the others. Eugene tells the party that Veigue went up ahead to save Claire from the Craymel Celsius and decides to wait in the same until the party returns. Eugene decides to stay on the Van Eltia with Mao and becomes a recruit for the player to take on missions. Later Eugene and Mao go with the Protagonist to the canyon to place an antenna, but they are attacked by negative monsters. After defeating the monsters they place the antenna and return to the Van Eltia. After Goede is finally defeated, Eugene is seen with the other Rebirth cast speaking to Cress Albane and his companions on the Van Eltia looking at the mana spreading across the world.


Eugene Skit (ToR) 1.jpg
First skit image in Tales of Rebirth. 
Eugene Skit (ToR) 2.jpg
Second skit image in Tales of Rebirth. 
Eugene Skit (ToR) 3.jpg
Third skit image in Tales of Rebirth. 
Eugene Cut-in (ToR).png
Cut-in image for Tales of Rebirth. 
Eugene Status (ToVS).png
Status image in Tales of VS. 
Eugene Cut-in (ToVS).png
Cut-in image for Tales of VS. 


  • In a skit, it is revealed that Eugene began growing his hair long 15 years prior to the events of the story, when he became the commander of the King's Shield. He states that it requires attention once every two months and Mao trims it for him.

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