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Everlight (エバーライト Ebaaraito?) is a mythological item sought by Norma Beatty in Tales of Legendia. It is rumored to grant any wish desired by the holder, and as such, is desired by many treasure hunters throughout the world.


The Everlight is a stone known to the Ferines as the "Tear of the Sea". Due to its name, as well as its intrinsic magical properties, one can assume that the stone is created by Nerifes in some way. The Ferines know the stone as "an ore that can cure any disease", while the Orerines know it as a "miraculous jewel that can grant any wish". Shirley Fennes begins the story with a brooch made from this magical stone, but she drains its power using it to grant Stella Telmes consciousness long enough to say her last words.

In Norma's Character Quest, Norma, who has spent the entire story searching for the mythical Everlight, finally tracks the gemstone down to the Crystal Forest. She faces the darkness inside of her and manages to unlock a teleporter leading to a hidden chamber beneath the forest where the Everlight rests, frozen in a massive column of ice. The crystal's entire power is enough to restore sight to Zamaran, but the stress is so great that upon accomplishing this feat, it crumbles away.