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Exire (ToS).jpg
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Tethe'alla

Exire, the City in the Sky (空中都市 エグザイア Kuuchuu Toshi Eguzaia?) is a floating city that soars across the skies of Tethe'alla in Tales of Symphonia. It is home to many half-elves who live there to escape discrimination and persecution from the world beneath them. Many of the half-elves living in the city were banned from Heimdall. Raine Sage's mother, Virginia Sage, lives alone in a small house near the edge of the city.


Exire is considered an ancient city, having been lifted off the ground some 4,000 years ago by the Summon Spirit Maxwell as part of his pact with Mithos. The city's architecture is dated, and its buildings and monuments are falling apart. The city is divided into platforms supported by Maxwell's power that are connected by narrow, grassy walkways.


  • Exire is the romanization of the Japanese katakana for "Exile".
  • Exire is a Latin verb meaning "to exit, depart, or go out", symbolizing the half-elves' departure from the world below.