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Exoflection (具現化 Gugenka?, "Embodiment") is a term in Tales of the Rays. It is a powerful arte similar to summoning.


Exoflection allows mirrists to manifest things using anima. While similar to summoning, exoflection creates a copy in the mirrist's world based on the exoflected object rather than take the object momentarily to their world. With the help of the Kaleidoscope, mirrists are able to exoflect whole worlds in Tir Na Nog that takes appearances of islands. Each exoflected world has at least one nexus (鏡映点 kyoueiten?, "reflection point"), a powerful person who has changed their world of origin. There are also omega nexuses (特異鏡映点 tokui kyoueiten?, "unique reflection points"), who have the power to reverse the flow of Anima.


As the world of Tir Na Nog faces destruction due to misuse of the Kaleidoscope, Prime Minister Gefion employs the last of mirrists, Ix Nieves and Mileena Weiss, to exoflect worlds with the help of Kaleidoscope. The exoflected worlds possess anima that the world of Tir Na Nog borrows in its process of fixing the Aegis.


  • "Exoflection" comes from the prefix exo- that comes from Ancient Greek and means "outer, external" and flection which is "the state of being bent or flexed", refering to the fact that exoflection manifests worlds foreign to Tir Na Nog, while also changing them in order to adapt them to Tir Na Nog's situation.