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The Eye of Atamoni as it appears in the PlayStation version of Tales of Destiny.

The Eye of Atamoni (神の眼 Kami no Me?, "Eye of God") is an extremely powerful Lens in Tales of Destiny. Its retrieval becomes a central plot element during the beginning half of the game.



The Eye of Atamoni is a result of the large, Lens-infused comet that collided with the planet some 1,000 years prior to the events of the story. As the sky enveloped with dust clouds that shielded the planet from the sun and plunged it into a devastating ice age, humans learned to use the power of Lens to construct a massive floating continent known as the Aethersphere, which hovered above the Er'ther Lands. The upper class of people who migrated to the Aethersphere eventually became known as the Aeth'er race, while the population left behind came to be known as the Er'ther race.

Kronos, who ruled over the Aetherians, used the Eye of Atamoni to power the superweapon Belcrant from the aeropolis capital of Dycroft. The Eye of Atamoni's power was so tremendous that it powered the aerial cities of the Aethersphere and prevented the Er'ther people from rebelling. Eventually, however, the Swordian Masters, aided by Aetherian scientists, managed to penetrate Kronos's forces and defeat him, ending the Aeth'er Wars that spurred from the Aetherian elitism. Afterward, the Aethersphere was sunk to the depths of the ocean, and the Er'ther people, fearing the Eye of Atamoni may be used for treachery again, sealed the powerful Lens in the Straylize Temple of the Seinegald region.

Role in the Plot

During the events of the story, Lydon Bernhardt, High Priest of the Temple, steals the Eye of Atamoni and flees with it, prompting Seinegald's king to enlist the protagonists in securing it. This leads the group on a worldwide hunt in pursuit of Lydon, who manipulates several figures and causes a number of tragedies during the journey. Eventually, the group corners Lydon in the Phandarian capital of Heidelberg, atop the royal castle. Once Lydon is defeated, Stahn Aileron makes the decision to destroy the Eye of Atamoni so that it may never be used for evil again.

While the other Swordian Masters agree with him, they ultimately find they are unable to destroy the powerful Lens, opting to return to Seinegald instead. Not long after these events, a new threat arises when Hugo Gilchrist takes the Eye of Atamoni for himself, using it to fuel Belcrant and ultimately revive the forgotten Aethersphere and its aeropolis cities. When the group manages to overcome Hugo, who is revealed to be possessed by Kronos's spirit, Kronos uses the Eye of Atamoni to transmutate Hugo's body into his own original form. Even in this body, however, Hugo shows some remaining signs of resistance, preventing Kronos from killing his daughter, Rutee Katrea, and detaching Belcrant from the Aethersphere to allow the group to escape before Kronos reasserts control and banishes Hugo's persona completely.

When the group returns and defeats Kronos in battle, he draws upon the power of the Eye of Atamoni once more, ripping apart his body at the subatomic level and reforming into something more monstrous and deadly, claiming that this is the power that will make him a true god. Ultimately, Kronos is defeated even in this form, and his body vanishes completely as the Eye of Atamoni destabilizes to catastrophic levels. This represents Kronos's true death, as his consciousness is destroyed along with his body, and the group proceeds to destroy the Eye of Atamoni as well, using the power of the Lens cores within each Swordian to overload the Eye and use its energy to rupture and destroy the Aethersphere.


  • The name "Atamoni" is derived from Mutsumi Inomata, the main character designer of Tales of Destiny. It is "Inomata" written in reverse.
  • The Eye of Atamoni is spherical in shape, with a diameter of six meters.
  • In Tales of Berseria, the Eye of Atamoni can be obtained as a treasure stored on the Van Eltia.