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Fahria (ToA).png
Appearance Tales of Arise
Residences Lenegis
Race Renan
Japanese Voice Actor Tomoe Hanba

Fahria (フィアリエ?) is a side character in Tales of Arise.


In the past, Fahria was from a low-class Renan family up on Lenegis. Despite her upbringing, Fahria was an exceptional violinist, gaining the attention of Dohalim il Qaras, Tarnigen and Avakhir, who welcomed her to the group. From then on, the four enjoyed playing together in the middle of the Civilian Park Zone. As time passed, Fahria became engaged with Tarnigen. However, their friendship was torn apart when the Crown Contest began anew. Dohalim and Tarnigen ended up competing for the position of Lord. When Tarnigen lost his life to Dohalim's hands, Fahria became distraught, swearing to never forgive Dohalim. Ever since then, Fahria has continued to hold onto this hatred.

Seven years later, Lenegis suddenly began to shift out of the blue, causing tons of damage. While recuperating, Fahria comes across Dohalim with the rest of the party. Dohalim tells her that he has important business to take care of before offering his own life if she waits long enough. In response, Fahria yells back at Dohalim, calling him a coward as he walks away. But when she turns back, she sees a Red Woman before passing out.

When she comes to, the first thing Fahria sees is Avakhir, who tells her what happened while she was out. The Red Woman from before had taken control of her mind and used her to attack the party. Avakhir also mentions that he overheard Dohalim say that Tarnigen resorted to dirty tactics in order to give Fahria a better life. Unable to cope with the revelation, Fahria is caught off guard when the city completely goes dark.