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Faldies Ruins
Game Tales of Berseria
World Desolation
Country Holy Midgand Empire
Region Northgand
A ruin site that stands between the Figahl Icecaps and Gaiburk Ice Field. The Abbey now uses the ruins as a base to control traffic to the north.

Faldies Ruins, Northern Checkpoint (北の関所 フォルディス遺跡?) is an ancient ruin site in Northgand in Tales of Berseria. It was primarily used by the Abbey as a checkpoint to control travel in between Hellawes and Meirchio, and it's also the location where therion Medissa was being held.


Faldies Ruins is located inside a mountain chain in between Figahl Icecaps and Gaiburk Ice Field. Its proximity made it an ideal barrier for the Abbey to use as a checkpoint to control the flow of travel in between Hellawes and Meirchio. To further enhance the security, several tethered malakhim are stationed here.

Most of the ruins are largely intact, though there are signs of damage due to the shifting of the earth. Eizen explains that the area the ruins was built in is prone to earthquakes, so the ruins were built with stability in mind. Unlike Yvolg Ruins and Palamides Temple, Faldies Ruins was not built around Empyrean worship, and was likely used as either a prison, or an arena to make convicts fight each other. Hence the presence of what appear to be prison cells.


Velvet Crowe and her group travel to Faldies Ruins, after hearing word from the townsfolk in Hellawes that a woman named Medissa was taken away to the ruins by the Abbey. Since the ruins is the location of an earthpulse point, they get a possible lead of a therion being held here. They push through malak and exorcist security to reach the deepest part of the ruins, where they find Medissa, who is now a therion, being held captive. They try to explain to her that they're here to free her from the Abbey's control, but unbeknownst to them, Medissa attacks the group on sight. Medissa explains that the exorcists have told her the truth about why her daughter Diana became a daemon, so in exchange, she decided to become a therion willingly, and sided with the Abbey so that she could consume the malevolence that plagues humanity. She also bares a strong hatred towards Velvet because of her earlier attack on Hellawes, and it's here that Velvet is officially called the Lord of Calamity.

The group fights a horde of snakes and golems Medissa summons, in addition to Medissa herself. After a long fight, Medissa is defeated, but is not willing to back down from Velvet. Laphicet intervenes and tries to reason with Medissa about the loss of her daughter, and brings up Kamoana's similar situation in hopes of calming her down. After hearing this, Medissa faints, allowing the group to haul her off to Titania.