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Fanged Finality (ToS)

Fanged Finality as it appears in Tales of Symphonia.

Fanged Finality (牙連絶襲撃 Garen Zesshuugeki?, "Chaining Fang Severing Assault") is Regal Bryant's mystic arte, which he obtains in the PlayStation 2 and later releases of Tales of Symphonia.

Arte Description and History[]

When using Fanged Finality, Regal opens with a burst of power. Surrounded by a glowing aura, he does multiple thrusting kicks before adding several sweeping kicks, trailing red fire appearing after each move. He then follows them up with several flips into the air before falling to the ground in a massive explosion of energy.


Original Titles

Crossover Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of Symphonia[]

Japanese Quote: 逃さん!受けてみよ!牙連絶襲撃!これで最後だっ!こんなものだろう… 後悔するがいい…
Romanized Quote: Nogasan! Uketemiyo! Garen Zesshuugeki! Kore de saigo da! Konna mono darou... Koukai suru ga ii...
Translated Quote: "No escape! Take this! Garen Zessuugeki! It ends with this! Seems this is the way it is... It's best you repent..."
Localized Quote: "Taste this! Fanged Finality! You're finished! How foolish..."