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Father's Swords (ToX2)

Father's Swords (パパの剣 Papa no Tsurugi?) are the first swords Ludger Will Kresnik obtains in Tales of Xillia 2. Originally belonging to Victor, he gave them to Elle Mel Marta when the latter had to travel to the Land of Canaan. During the events at the beginning of the story, Elle gives the swords to Ludger so he can defend them against attackers onboard the train.


Victor received these swords sometime during the ten years between his dimension and the prime dimension. Long and resembling a katana, the swords are made of steel strong enough to deflect bullets, as both Victor and Ludger do this when Exodus agents attack Victor's house and in the assault on the train, respectively. The swords appear once again in Chapter 12 of the game, this time wielded by Victor, who uses them to fight the group in his human form.

In-Game Descriptions[]

Tales of Xillia 2[]

Japanese Description: 二本で一組のシンプルな双剣。エルのパパがもっていた剣だというが・・・・・・。