Fayte Moreau
Fayte Sprite (ToD PS2)
Game Tales of Destiny
Hometown Moreau
Age 26
Race Er'ther
Occupation Prince of Moreau
Japanese Voice Actor Shingo Hiromori (PS2)

Fayte Moreau (フェイト・モリュウ Feito Moryuu?) is a supporting character in Tales of Destiny who serves as Prince of the Moreau kingdom.


Fayte is first mentioned by Karyl Sheeden, who claims to need Fayte's help to bypass the Terazzi Castle's heavy security, but he is missing. Soon afterward, an informant enters and tells Karyl that Fayte has been captured and is being held in Moreau Castle by Batista Diego. Although Karyl leaves without the group, they meet him outside the castle and join forces with him to rescue Fayte. Inside, they find Leianna Moreau (リアーナ・モリュウ Riaana Moryuu?, "Rihanna Moreau"), Fayte's wife, and secure her before pressing forward and confronting Batista in the castle's sky throne room. After Batista's defeat, the group frees Fayte, who introduces himself as Moreau's prince, and Karyl convinces Fayte to ready them a ship to Terazzi so that they may put an end to Tiberius Terazzi's tyrannical reign.

Fayte Sprite (ToD PSX)

Onboard the ship to Terazzi, a conversation between Karyl and Fayte provides some insight into their past. They had a childhood friend named Eleanor, for whom they both developed feelings. Karyl stepped aside and allowed Fayte to be with Eleanor, but Tiberius killed Eleanor in an undescribed event. This fueled Karyl's longing for revenge against Tiberius, and Fayte eventually married Leianna. After the events in Terazzi Castle, the group joins Fayte outside as the townspeople rejoice Tiberius's death, parting ways with the group as they head to Phandaria in pursuit of Lydon Bernhardt.


  • In a skit, Karyl reveals that, ten years prior to the events of the story, there was an Aquaveil-wide tournament, in which Tiberius won and Fayte was the runner-up.

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