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Appearance Tales of Link
Occupation Magivis Engineer

Feil (フェイル Feiru?) is a supporting character in Tales of Link. He is a magivis engineer who raised Kana after her parents passed away. In truth, he is a researcher in hiding once known as Dinan (ディナン?) who seeks to manipulate Kana for his own ends.


Feil is a kind man who raised Kana from a young age in the city of Liuse. He believes that Kana is the Great Savior chosen by divine revelation to receive the power of the Three Goddesses of the Beyond. When that power is at its apex, he and Kana plan on releasing it into the world to purify the seeds of ruin. To that end, he prepares a special magivis for the ceremony while Kana goes on a pilgrimage to obtain the power of the goddesses. He hires Yuri Lowell to protect her, but Allen, Zephyr, Lippy, and Sara decide to aid her on the journey.

Kana successfully receives the powers of the goddesses and returns to Liuse in preparation for the ceremony. As the ritual draws near however, Zephyr grows increasingly tense. During the journey, however, Colonel Jade Curtiss from the Greyado Empire brings up suspicions that Feil is actually a man who went by the name of Dinan, who stole valuable research on a project whose records had to be expunged due to its inhumanity while leaving death in his wake. Upon seeing Jade in Liuse, Zephyr believes that he is here investigating a possible connection between Feil and Dinan. To assuage his worries, Kana takes Zephyr to the site of the ritual, but Zephyr discovers a hidden magical laboratory. Within it, Kana falls prey to mind control artes and stabs Zephyr, while Feil enters.

Feil admits that he once went by Dinan, though it is not his real name. Feil was once a real person who had taken in Kana. Dinan found the situation to be perfect and killed Feil, assuming his face and identity while using mind control artes to smooth over any inconsistencies. He came from a long line of inventors who turned their skills to creating weapons of mass destruction, including the seeds of ruin. In the end, he found trouble attempting to live up to what he believes is the legacy of his lineage. Feil eventually discovered the power of the Three Goddesses of the Beyond and marveled at the destructive potential, so he found a receptive vessel in Kana. He intends to sacrifice her and the power of the goddesses to a seed of ruin that could possibly destroy the world. He spirits Kana away for the ritual and leaves Zephyr for dead.

Eventually Zephyr and his group confronts Feil mid-ritual. Kana's power is being drained into the seed of ruin, but Zephyr dispels the mind control artes trapping her, which stops the ritual. Feil refuses to see his life's work end, and he adds his own magical energy to the power already in the seed of ruin, creating the ruinator Nidhogg. Apologizing to it for creating it in an incomplete state, Feil offers himself to his greatest creation and is in turn devoured.

Appearance and Personality

Feil has the appearance of a kind, orange-haired man wearing glasses. He is devoted to his charge but also to his work, believing that he and Kana can save the world. In truth, the man behind the facade, Dinan, is dangerously insane. He wishes for nothing more than to further the destructive work of his ancestors, reveling in the death and destruction he will cause.