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Fenimore Xelhes
Fenimore Xelhes (ToL)
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Hometown Village of the Ferines
Age 15
Height 5'1" / 155 cm
Race Ferines
Japanese Voice Actor Ami Koshimizu
Character Designer Mikiko Ichinose

Fenimore Xelhes (フェニモール・ゼルヘス Fenimooru Zeruhesu?) is a character in Tales of Legendia and the older twin sister of Thyra Welzes.


Meeting Shirley[]

She is kidnapped from the her Village of the Ferines on the Mainland by the Crusand military squad headed by Melanie not long before the events of the story, and taken to the Hidden Fortress where she meets Shirley Fennes, who has also been captured by Melanie. Fenimore is put to torture by the Terrors, but is spared and healed by Stingle. After these events the two girls become fast friends, although Fenimore harbors a deep prejudice against Orerines and is uncomfortable that Shirley could be friends with people of that race.

Escaping from the Crusand Empire[]

The two released and are set up to be taken to the Ruins of Frozen Light, where Shirley is forced to raise the Bridge of the Legacy so that Vaclav Bolud may access and use the Nerifes Cannon to eliminate Gadoria. The Nerifes Cannon uses the life force of Ferines to power itself, and Vaclav plans to use Shirley, Fenimore, and/ or Shirley's comatose sister Stella Telmes to fire it up. Before arriving to the area they will pass the Waterways. The two girls are taken to the Waterways where Senel Coolidge and Jay operate plan to save both of them. Fenimore and Shirley escape into the Waterways and are cornered by Melanie. Walter Delques arrives and saves both of them after and leads them into a secret hiding room in the area. When the Crusand soldiers find the to Shirley gives Fenimore one of her "Gemini Shells" so Senel can find her and Walter. When Senel arrives they take Fenimore and Walter to a safe area. When Walter awakens he takes Fenimore and himself to Maurits' Hermitage. While there she tells Maurits Welnes about Senel being in danger in the Forest of No Return which causes Maurits and his men to go save them.

Rite of Accession[]

Afterward, Shirley returns with to the Village of the Ferines, allegedly to provide social support for those who are, after all, her people. Fenimore was ready to return to the main land, but decides to journey to Werites Beacon to find Senel and his friends to ask him to go visit Shirley. Senel agrees since Will Raynard has business to do with Maurtis. When the party arrives Maurits tells Senel and his friends that Shirley is busy and cannot speak to them that day. Fenimore gets upset and goes to speak with Shirley, that night she tells Shirley to confess her love to Senel, and Shirley agrees. The next day Senel and the others leave with Walter while Shirley reattempts the Rite of Accession and awaken her true power as a Merines. Fenimore accompanies Shirley to the Altar of the Sea to provide emotional support during the rite; however, the Altar is attacked by Gadorian soldiers, and Fenimore, attempting to shield Shirley with her own body, is killed.

Character Quests[]

Fenimore does not appear in the Character Quests, but her death and her identical twin sister, Thyra Welzes, are the main focus of the Character Quest Interlude. Thyra's anger toward Shirley, and the idea that Fenimore died because of her, drove Thyra to become cold towards her and thus holding strong enough hatred to summon a Black Mist. Fenimore's grave also holds a special place for Shirley and Thyra, as can be seen when Shirley goes to the grave during Grune's Character Quest, to reflect over whether she should fight Schwartz or not. Interesting enough, if the player were to look at Fenimore's grave you would see a broken down Automoton holding a flower, the same Automoton that followed Fenimore around during the Main Quest.

Appearance and Personality[]

Fenimore Skit (ToL)

Skit image in Tales of Legendia.

Fenimore is rough, blunt, abrasive, and passionate, which results in her being rather angry for the majority of the story. She sees the world in black and white: Ferines are good, Orerines are bad. She is confused to no end that Shirley would call Orerines her friends, and does her best to persuade Shirley to adopt her own prejudices, but instead ends up becoming a more open-minded individual from hearing Shirley's arguments.

Despite her rough encounter with Shirley, Fenimore is a true and loyal friend who cares about Shirley as a person and more than just the Merines. She is the only Ferines who does not treat Shirley with fawning bordering on worship when she decides to perform the Rite, and constantly, if bluntly, encourages Shirley to listen to her true feelings in regards to all things. Although she does not like Senel, she supports Shirley's affection for him stalwartly and urges her to make it known. During the war against Vaclav's army, Fenimore shows that she is more willing to help than anyone else, signifying that she feels ashamed that all she did was complain and rant.


  • Fenimore's true name, Xelhes, is Relares for "blessing", and her "Norma Nickname" is "Fen-Fen".
  • In some unused files in the game, there was a concept for Magical Fenimore. In it, Fenimore gets "Magical Powers" that allow her to wield Crystal Eres, such as Cure, Blizzard, Ground Dasher, as well as many other Eres used in the game.