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Ferines (ToL)

Official artwork of the Ferines for Tales of Legendia.

The Ferines (水の民 Mizu no Tami?, "Water People"), also known as the Radiant (煌髪人 Kouhatsujin?, "Glittering Hair People"), are a race in Tales of Legendia.



The Ferines once dominated Shining Blue, worshiping the entity Nerifes, until the Orerines arrived on a giant, island-like ship named the Legacy. This new race of people soon created land upon the surface of the world. Because of this, hatred began to grow among the races due to the creation of land resulting in the deaths of many Ferines. Eventually, this hatred led to war. The Orerines won, and the Ferines were chased from the Mainland. The Merines fled aboard the Legacy, using the Wings of Light to create a new civilization and, subsequently, the Kingdom of Terises in hopes of a brighter future. However, this future did not eliminate the hatred among the races. Several hundred years after the birth of a new Merines, the Ferines revived the power of the Wings of Light, and used the Merines' life to eliminate a large portion of the Mainland that was created when the Orerines first arrived. This calamity would be later referred to as the Cataclysm.

Role in the Plot[]

The Ferines are descendants of the Kingdom of Terises, which once flourished upon the Legacy. They retain the Terisians' connection with the sea, and use their ancient form of writing, Relares. Unlike the Terisians, however, the Ferines no longer hold dominion over the majority of the world, instead being reduced to small, hidden villages upon the Mainland, and a colony onboard the Legacy. The Ferines hide their locations using magical barriers that camouflage with the surrounding environment. For example, the Village of the Ferines is protected by a barrier that creates an optical illusion that keeps the settlement invisible. Names are very important to the Ferines. Every Ferines has a common name they use publicly and a "true name" for only other Ferines to know. These true names are Relares words that express religious ideals, such as "blessing" or "one who prays".

The Kingdom of Terises was notoriously aggressive toward the Orerines, using several enormously powerful weapons that were supposedly created by them, one such weapon being the Nerifes Cannon, which was intended to eliminate them and "purify" the world of their "filth". The most powerful weapon the Terisians made was the fabled Wings of Light, a device that caused the Cataclysm, which submerged half of the existing land on the planet beneath the ocean. The Ferines have inherited this age-old prejudice against the Orerines, and are extremely distrustful of them.

Several of the more zealous Ferines aspire to finish the work of their ancestors, bringing the remaining land beneath the sea forever. Exclusively blond-haired and blue-eyed, the Ferines are nearly identical to the Orerines. However, their worship of Nerifes, the sea, grants them several unique powers. Ferines have the ability to breathe underwater, and several have the ability to utilize Eres, a power rare among the Orerines. The Ferines can use this eres to form projections of their souls, known as Teriques, which can perform great magical abilities, such as flying.

List of Ferines[]