Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Graces
Race Amarcian
Japanese Voice Actor Megumi Nasu

Fermat (フェルマー Ferumaa?) is a minor character in Tales of Graces.


At some point, Fermat left the Amarcian Enclave to apply for a job in Fendel. She eventually found one in the first floor of the Fendel Tower, where the security is so tight, that employees need a pass for each floor. Fermat is first seen in Fendel, where she is surprised to see Pascal, but trusts her enough to borrow her security pass. At this point, the party has discovered that Kurt Bessel has been performing experiments on the valkines cryas Forbrannir, and are set on stopping him before he accidentally blows up Fendel. During this time, Fermat falls in love with a man named Sagan and soon marries him after she becomes pregnant with his child. While her new husband struggles to cope with how fast everything happened, Fermat starts to worry if she may not be ready to be a mother.

Fermat is next seen in the "Lineage and Legacies" story arc in Tales of Graces ƒ, back in Fendel, where she is nearly waiting to give birth. When the party arrives, she is surprised by Sophie's lack of knowledge when it comes to parenthood, but regardless, decides to ask for chocolate back from the enclave. When they return, Fermat quickly enters labor, spurring everyone to act quickly. In the end, she gives birth to a girl, who she names Sophia, after Sophie.


  • Fermat is named after the French mathematician Pierre de Fermat, fitting a theme with the other Amarcians.