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A Field of Effect being executed in Tales of Legendia.

A Field of Effect (フィルド・オブ・エフェクト Firudo obu Efekuto?), shortened to FOE, is a feature in Tales of Destiny 2 and Tales of Legendia that is used solely by enemies.


Tales of Destiny 2

FOEs are applied as ordinary artes for a variety of enemies in Tales of Destiny 2, including a few of the game's notable antagonists. When activated, a fairly large glyph appears around the user, affecting those within. While the effects of FOEs vary, their key purpose is to add a component in the overall mechanics of the battle, and this is accomplished through enhancing the user's abilities or debilitating enemies' abilities. One exception to this is Magnadeus's "Nasake wo kakete yarou" (「情けをかけてやろう」?) FOE, which heals HP to all enemies.

Many offensive-oriented FOEs focus on augmenting the user's statistics or SP recovery, while most defensive ones tend to inflict specific status ailments upon targets within range. Like all status ailments, however, equipping the appropriate accessory can render an FOE null. Due to how FOEs function, they are a great hindrance to close-ranged fighters such as the three male protagonists: Kyle Dunamis, Loni Dunamis, and Judas. The female protagonists, Reala, Nanaly Fletcher, and Harold Berselius, on the other hand, can more readily avoid being affected by FOEs due to their status as mages. Nanaly manages to avoid FOEs more easily due to the fact that, as an archer, even her strike artes are performed at a distance, rendering her a long-ranged fighter both physically and magically.

Tales of Legendia

In Tales of Legendia, FOEs are classed into three types based on their color in order of increasing severity: Yellow, Red, and Black. The FOE1, FOE2, FOE3 Checks are accessories that grant their bearer the immunity to one of the three types, allowing more choices for mitigation than avoiding the field altogether. FOEs are generated by base artes in this game, the names of which end in "Field" in localization or "Majin" (魔陣?, "Magic Field") in Japanese, and exist to inflict status ailments.

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