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The Fiertia on the sea in Tales of Vesperia.

The Vessel of Hope and Glory, Fiertia (希望と栄光の船 フィエルティア号?) is a boat used as the primary method of travel on water in Tales of Vesperia. The party obtains the ship and its pilot, Tokunaga, as part of a bonus payment from Mary Kaufman, leader of Fortune's Market, which is one of the Five Master Guilds of the Guild Union.


The Fiertia in the air in Tales of Vesperia.

At Capua Torim, Kaufman requires bodyguards to escort her and its cargo of hoplon blastia to Nordopolica. She contracts Brave Vesperia and offers the Fiertia and its pilot as payment. The group agrees, but after a battle with a group of mermen, they crash into the ghost ship Atherum. The Atherum's curse disables the ceres blastia, which allows the Fiertia to operate, so the party travels aboard the ghost ship to dissipate the curse. They succeed, and the Fiertia is able to sail safely to Nordopolica, at which point Kaufman formally grants them the ship. When the party obtains Ba'ul for aerial transportation, they continue to use the Fiertia by attaching it to Ba'ul, who tows it in the air with him, capable of setting it down in water if necessary.