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Fitzgald (ToD).png
Game Tales of Destiny
Tales of Destiny 2
World Er'ther Lands
Region Western Hemisphere
Capital Neuestadt

Fitzgald (フィッツガルド Fittsugarudo?) is a region of the Er'ther Lands in Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny 2. With few settlements and notable locations, the continent is large but mostly vacant.


Fitzgald is a lush continent with a mild climate. It is comprised of valleys, forests, beaches, and mountains. Its highest mountain peak is located near the continent's southern tip, within the vicinity of the region's capital, Neuestadt. The central stretch of the continent is mostly inhabited, while the small, backwater village of Lienea rests at its northern tip. Several inland bays are scattered across the Fitzgald's beached borders, a large northern one housing the Hidden Temple. The continent has a single, unnamed river that penetrates its southern side and carves upward through the center of the landmass. In Tales of Destiny 2, due to the Belcrant disaster 18 years prior, the continent has an area dubbed the Ridge of White Clouds (白雲の屋根?), a resulting environmental change that produces a thick fog year-round. A series of tunnels are scattered throughout the mountains to navigate the fog.


  • Neuestadt - The capital of the Fitzgald region. Its advanced development outmatches that of the rest of the region.
  • Lienea - A small village with few residents leading simple lives centered around agriculture.


Fitzgald is a democracy that has been heavily influenced by the kingdom of Seinegald, home to the powerful Oberon Corporation. One of the company's branches is located in the capital of Neuestadt, its branch manager being Ilene Rembrandt. Oberon invested heavily in Neuestadt's rapid development, which spawned an extravagant tourist entertainment city with a world-famous coliseum. Fitzgald's Oberon branch is highly successful, boasting a capital rate only second to the company's headquarters in the Seinegaldian capital of Darilsheid. Due to Seinegald's involvement in Fitzgald, the latter has become somewhat of a vassal to the large and powerful Seinegald. This dominance has spurred tension in Neuestadt, which has a large gap between the rich and the poor, who have have been unable to keep pace with the rapid development of the city. Likewise, wealthy citizens tend to look down upon the poor. As Fitzgald is a budding nation, development other than in Neuestadt is virtually nonexistent.