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Five Lords
Five Lords (ToA).png
Game Tales of Arise
Notable Members Balseph
Ganabelt Valkyris
Dohalim il Qaras
Almeidrea Kaineris
Vholran Igniseri

The Five Lords (5人の領将スルド Gonin no Ryoushou / "Gonin no Surudo"?) are the leaders of the Renans on Dahna in Tales of Arise. They participate in the Crown Contest, harvesting astral energy in order to attain the position of Sovereign while holding a master core of an element.


The Five Lords are head representatives of the Renans on Dahna. Each lord partakes in the Crown Contest, harvesting and pillaging Dahnan astral energy through exploitation of the Dahnan people. The positions trade hands as each Crown Contest completes, giving way to a new set of lords. They represent the strongest members of the Renans, leading to factonalism within the Renans as they back certain lords against the others. Because the entirety of the Crown Contest is a lie, the truth of the position is merely an extension of the Helganquil control over the Renan populace.


  • Hanfriecht Milgrasse - Previous ruler of Cyslodia. Allegedly rose to the position of ruling Sovereign as per the rules of winning the Crown Contest. However, he has not been heard from since.
  • Urwagil Hildris - Previous ruler of Ganath Haros. He is rumored to have been murdered by Vholran, who took his place.

Information Terminal

Each Crown Contest, five of the best qualified members of the Renan populace are chosen to act as Lords, vying to serve as the next Sovereign. During their tenure, they are granted Level 3 authority, as well as one of the five elemental realms to administer, and its corresponding master core. They are also assigned an ID crest indicating their designated element. The selection process is based only on astral artistry and physical and mental aptitude. Other variables such as age have no bearing whatsoever. Because only the strongest go on to become Lords, the position itself does not inherently make an individual any stronger. It should be noted, however, that Lords are not the only individuals capable of drawing out a master core's powers. All Renans must take part in the selection process and acceptance of the position is mandatory. It is not allowed for those deemed suitable to decline. Furthermore, in the event that an acting Lord is incapacitated and can no longer serve in their position, a replacement must be quickly prepared.