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Fodra as it appears in Tales of Graces.

Fodra (フォドラ Fodora?) is a desolate planet inhabited by robotic creatures known as humanoids in Tales of Graces. It is briefly visited by Asbel Lhant and his companions during the game's main arc while they are searching for a way to help Sophie, as well as the primary location for the future arc of the game, the "Lineage and Legacies" arc, when Fodra is suddenly encountering a drastic change that Asbel and his friends investigate.


The Lastalia of Fodra can be reached via the Lastalia Shaft. In contrast to Ephinea's Lastalia, Fodra's has its own manifestation: the Fodra Queen. The Fodra Queen can shatter and emit her consciousness, and this is how the Little Queens, as discovered by researchers, have at times served as the basis for the development of Protos Heis. In addition, it does not appear that Fodra owns valkines cryas like Ephinea. These were created by Solomus and the three Chroma Dragons, but Fodra does not have a ring that could contain such a program. Therefore, the Fodra Queen needed a different way to carry eleth into the world, and for this reason, she created the "Sigma" monsters like Lambda.

Lambda was found at the Lastalia and taken by Professor Cornell. He created a humanoid body and drew him as a child he never had. Emeraude, on the other hand, was not only afraid of Lambda, but also jealous and interested in Lambda's "life-giving" ability. She did various experiments on Lambda, which made Lambda "transform" monsters with his power, making them into "Nova" monsters, as they are later seen on Ephinea. This became another reason for Emeraude to consider him dangerous because these Nova monsters kill countless people, causing Fodra to die. The experiments alarmed Professor Cornell, who helped Lambda escape to Ephinea before he died. After this, Emeraude had expected the number of Nova monsters to decrease, but this did not happen because it was probably never Lambda who created the Nova monsters, but rather the Fodra Queen in an attempt to free Lambda.

The current, desolate landscape of Fodra.

Fodran scientists began researching the Lastalia because its activities had changed. The first team sent never returned. Survivors of a second team, however, were able to bring back the remains of the Lastalia, where a Little Queen lived. These were used to create a new kind of humanoid capable of healing itself without human intervention, a hope for pursuing Lambda to Ephinea and killing him. This is how Protos Heis was born. To carry out experiments on a being that had sprung from the Lastalia was a matter of experimenting with a part of the Fodra Queen herself. The Fodra Queen was displeased with all of this, eventually using her Little Queens to hunt down and wipe out all of humanity on Fodra.

Emeraude only survived this because she had fed her consciousness into the body of a humanoid. Humanoids did not seem to see the Fodra Queen as enemies because they still live on Fodra, though they have drastically decreased in number, which is because all humanoids, except for Protos, have an "expiration date". About 1,000 years after the genocide of Fodra, the sleeping Lastalia of Fodra becomes active again, and the Little Queens call for Sophie, who is a part of them. In addition, the Fodra Queen influences the monsters of Ephinea and lets them return to madness, and this elethic chaos causes the heroes to visit Fodra again, where they discover the Arcadia Garden, a living piece of land in the dead Fodra.

There, they meet the Little Queen, as well as the Fodra Queen, and defeat them. The Fodra Queen is locked within Lambda so they can both look through Asbel's eyes and ensure that people are getting better. Meanwhile, the remaining Little Queen is absorbed by Sophie, thereby receiving a bit of humanity. Fodra's Lastalia dies, however, and the only inhabitants left are the monsters and remaining humanoids.