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Grand Cross (TotA)

Grand Cross, the hymn of the Light element, as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

A Fonic Hymn (譜歌 Fuka?) is a type of spell in Tales of the Abyss where magic effects are applied through the use of song. Though mentioned as relatively weak, the ones used by Tear Grants, as well as her brother, Van Grants, are the Fonic Hymns previously used by Yulia Jue, which Jade Curtiss mentions are on par with regular fonic artes in terms of strength. The seven Fonic Hymns of Yulia compose the Grand Fonic Hymn (大譜歌 Daifuka?).


In order to use a hymn to is fullest potential, the user must not only know the melody, but also the meaning and symbolism behind it. This is part of the reason why Tear is unable to use all of the hymns at first. The first six hymns are as follows:

The Grand Fonic Hymn is created when all seven of the hymns are combined into a single song. It is the proof of Yulia's pact with Lorelei, the aggregate sentience of the Seventh Fonon, Sound. The hymn is so powerful that the user does not need to understand its symbolism, unlike the separate six hymns. The Grand Fonic Hymn, when combined with the Key of Lorelei, can summon Lorelei itself. Van first uses the hymn to summon and trap Lorelei within himself after falling into the planet's core at the Absorption Gate.

Before the final battle with Van, Tear recalls the Grand Fonic Hymn; during the battle, she uses it to call Lorelei out of Van's body, fatally weakening him. Lorelei is freed when Luke uses the Key. Tear tells her brother that he used to sing the hymn to her when she was little, though she did not understand its meaning until their battle. She states the meaning of the Grand Fonic Hymn is Yulia's love for the world and its inhabitants, as well as her desire for the Score to be overturned.