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The Fooji Mountains is the first Tethe'alla location the group visits in Tales of Symphonia.


The mountains are located on the Fooji continent, from which the mountain chain obtained its name. The mountains form a range on the continent, peaking at high altitudes and containing very little greenery, with the exception of a few trees.


Due to Colette Brunel releasing all the seals in Sylvarant, Tethe'alla is short mana, causing the group to crash land with their Rheairds in the mountains. They are forced to walk down the cliff, and near the end, agree to travel to Meltokio in order to find a way to save Colette from her soulless state. When they returns later to retrieve the Rheairds, all but Colette become trapped in a magical trap by Yuan Ka-Fai, who is there to take Lloyd and retrieve the stolen Rheairds. Pronyma then arrives, wondering why Yuan is present, and states that she is there under Yggdrasill's orders to retrieve Colette.

Yuan allows it, but before Pronyma can take her, Colette returns to normal, clueless of where she is and what is happening. She fights Pronyma off but trips in the process and deactivates the trap. The group then fights Pronyma, and after she is defeated, Lloyd runs over to Yuan. However, Kratos Aurion interferes, telling Yuan to leave. Giving the first hint about Colette's more serious decease, Yuan reveals his light-purple wings and flies off, surprising the group. Kratos, asking what the group is doing in Tethe'alla, tells them that their efforts will be useless in the end, before he and Pronyma escape. After this, the group decides to continue their journey, seeking to find a way to stop the cycle of the two worlds.