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This article is about the term in Tales of Rebirth. For the arte previously localized as "Force", see Beast. For the arte used by Regal Bryant in Tales of Symphonia and localized as "Force", see Force (Regal).
Force Cube (ToR)

The Force Cube customization screen as it appears in Tales of Rebirth.

Force (フォルス Forusu?) is a term used in Tales of Rebirth. It is the power of an element or something other that a person may possess. Many years prior to the events of the story, only Gajuma had this power. However, since the incident known as the Dusk of Ladras at the beginning of the story, Huma have been able to use Force as well, although it was initially uncontrollable in many in whom the new power awakened, causing vast amounts of damage. The event also caused Viruses, the name given to monsters in the game, to manifest from nature and begin attacking people. Halfs are revealed to also have access to Force, as both Hilda Rhambling and Militsa are Force users.


Force manifests itself in what is called a Force Cube. When in close proximity to powerful Force users, it begins spinning quickly. Gameplay-wise, the Force Cube sits next to each character's portrait in battle as the Force Gauge (FG). By controlling it effectively, the player can deal more damage using the character's special attacks. It can also be rotated from the special attacks screen in order to apply certain effects during battle. There are different types of Force, specifically named in battle:

The following is a list of known Force users and their respective Force, which tend to be of an elemental nature. The justification for the variety of Force and to whom a particular Force belongs is largely unclear, although each known Force user's Force typically corresponds with the user in some fashion or another. For Veigue Lungberg and Tytree Crowe, their Force correlates with their habitats, Sulz having a cold climate and Petnadjanka being located in a forested region. For Ladras Lindblum, Agarte Lindblum, and Zilva Madigan, all of whom possess the Force of Moon, their power is restricted to members of the royal family.

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