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Forcystus (ToCE).png
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Residences Iselia Human Ranch
Race Half-elf
Occupation Desian Grand Cardinal
Weapon Arm-cannon
Japanese Voice Actor Takahiro Yoshimizu
English Voice Actor Andre Sogliuzzo

Forcystus (フォシテス Foshitesu?), full title Forcystus the Gnashing Gale, sometimes referred to as the "Desian Hero", is an antagonist in Tales of Symphonia and one of the Desian Grand Cardinals. He maintains the Iselia Human Ranch and is the most respected Desian after Pronyma, leader of the Grand Cardinals.



It is not revealed how Forcystus came to power or how he lived his life before, but Kratos Aurion reveals in a skit that he was known as the "Desian Hero" because he killed all human organizations that fought against half-elves. Sixteen years before the story begins, Forcystus made a non-aggressive treaty with the village Iselia in order to protect the newborn Chosen of Regeneration, Colette Brunel. As long as the villagers keep away from the Iselia Human Ranch's business and area, they would not attack the village.

Attack on Iselia

Forcystus is first seen after Lloyd Irving and Genis Sage help Marble from being abused by the Desians, suspicious of Lloyd's jumping abilities. In the end, he recalls the Angelus Project and how the host was last seen close to the ranch, and suspects that Lloyd is her son. With the non-aggression treaty with Iselia broken, Forcystus orders an attack on the village, calling Lloyd out from the village. Lloyd is charged as a criminal by Desian law, his punishment to be death at the hands of the Exebula monster. With Genis' help, the Exebula is defeated, and Forcystus confirms that Lloyd is indeed in possession of the Angelus Project Exsphere. During his attempt to retrieve it, Forcystus is interrupted by the Exebula, who is revealed to be a mutated Marble due to her Exsphere being unleashed. Self-destructing, Marble inflicts heavy damage upon Forcystus, who vows to eventually get the Exsphere from Lloyd before he leaves.

Kharlan Tree Disaster

After forming the pact with Luna and Aska, the final mana link is severed, and the party's faulty goal is accomplished. As Kratos later explains, without protection from the mana links and the Summon Spirits, the Kharlan Tree germinates in a dark and twisted form, destroying the city of Palmacosta and engulfing Martel Yggdrasill in the process. With the tree threatening to destroy both worlds, the party decides to stop it using the Mana Cannon. In order to do so, the Iselia Human Ranch's mana reactor is needed, and thus the party is forced to launch a raid of the Ranch. Waiting at the reactor, Forcystus engages the party in battle. When Forcystus is defeated, he refuses to admit defeat and chooses to fall down on the mana engine, in which the party believes him to be dead. Before they can send the signal to fire the Mana Cannon, a wounded Forcystus reappears in a final effort to dispose of the party. Colette thwarts his attempt to kill Chocolat, taking the blow instead. Infuriated, Lloyd stabs Focystus, killing him just as he glorifies Yggdrasill's "Age of Half-Elves".

Appearance and Personality

Game model in Tales of Symphonia.

Forcystus is a fairly built man with light green hair and sharp, piercing eyes, although only his left eye is visible due to a red eye patch covering his right eye. His attire is largely black, though he wears a gold breastplate and red jacket with white stripes, which appear on other parts of his outfit as well. The legs and boots of his attire are black with white stripes, while his boots share the same red and gold accents as his torso. He wears a gold, mechanical-like bracelet on his right arm, while his left arm is replaced by a large, gold arm-cannon, which he uses in battle to eject powerful blasts of wind.

Unlike most Desians, Forcystus is more relaxed and calculating, as well as more capable of dealing with humans who are not openly fighting half-elves. This is shown when he agrees to have a non-aggression treaty with Iselia. As he is also known for being the "Desian Hero," he is kind to people of his own race, yet unforgiving toward humans who mistreat half-elves.

Fighting Style

As a Desian Grand Cardinal, Forcystus is a formidable opponent. He fights alongside two "Exbone" drones that act as magic support, continuously casting Wind Blade. Forcystus himself makes great use of his arm cannon, both as a melee and projectile weapon, and further reinforces his battle arsenal with powerful Wind magic. He makes use of the spells Air Thrust and Air Blade, as well as a single Cyclone as a sort of desperation move later in the battle. He has an arte exclusive to him known as Down Burst that resembles Severing Wind with knockdown capabilities.

Other Appearances

Chibi artwork.

Tales of Symphonia Manga

Forcystus's role in the Tales of Symphonia manga is reduced. He is first seen in his office wondering about Lloyd's abilities. Unknown to him, one of his servants is actually a Renegade spy who reports to the organization behind his back. When the Desians attack Iselia, Forcystus sends the mutated Marble at Lloyd and Genis, but instead of having the Exebula take off the bandage that hides Lloyd's Exsphere, Forcystus himself takes a hold on Lloyd's arm to remove it. Just as he is about to take it from him, however, the still breathing Marble stops Forcystus and kills him by destroying herself.

Tales of Symphonia: The Animation

In the first episode of Tales of Symphonia: The Animation, Forcystus raids the town of Iselia with his soldiers while Lloyd is in his home with Dirk. After being summoned by a frantic Genis, both Lloyd and Dirk show up in Iselia to help fend off the Desian force. Lloyd personally faces off with Forcystus, progressively tapping further into the power of his Angelus Project Exsphere. Unlike in the game, Forcystus shows a superior ability in combat and easily defeats Lloyd. However, after Forcystus fires a blast to kill Lloyd, he is shocked to see that he is still alive. The half-elf is eventually defeated by the power of Lloyd's Exsphere.