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The Forest Labyrinth (迷いの森 Mayoi no Mori?, "Lost Forest") is a woodland area located on the path between Minal and Petnadjanka in Tales of Rebirth.


The forest is the only means of travel between Minal and Petnadjanka. Long ago, people who lived in the area created a natural, forested maze in order to protect themselves against outside invaders. The woods are filled with medicinal herbs, but also traps. Veigue Lungberg, Mao, Eugene Gallardo, and Annie Barrs venture through the forest upon leaving Minal in their pursuit of the King's Shield, who may be visiting the prosperous industrial city of Petnadjanka in order to capture more Huma girls to take to the capital, Balka.

After traversing what appears to be the same path again and again, the group realizes they are in the notorious Forest Labyrinth and must rely on locating the correct but hidden path. Annie assists the group in this, as she visited the woods often when she was studying under her father, Doctor Barrs, in order to pick medicinal herbs. The group is forced to fight a large Virus before exiting the forest and continuing on their way to Petnadjanka.