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Forest of No Return
Game Tales of Legendia
World Shining Blue
Region Legacy

The Forest of No Return (帰らずの森 Kaerazu no Mori?) is a dungeon in Tales of Legendia, located just south of Maurits's Hermitage. The forest is highly intricate, with the butterflies in the forest being the only key to finding the exit. According to Norma Beatty, the forest is a place famous among treasure hunters because it is easy to lose one's sense of direction inside.


After escaping Vaclav Bolud and his forces in the Ruins of Frozen Light, the group ends up inside the Forest of No Return. After Will Raynard and Norma finish healing Senel Coolidge's wounds, Senel wakes shouting Stella Telmes's name. Will states that the group's main priority is fleeing their pursuers. According to Norma, the Forest of No Return is a place that can easily make people lose their sense of direction and can cause disaster for anyone unprepared. Moses then informs the others of a nearby camp where the rest of his bandits went after fleeing from the Bandits' Lair, and he offers to lead the way.

Stingle and Cashel pursue the group and eventually catch up to them, but the group manages to escape again. As the group runs, Moses notices they are near the camp, so he leads them there. Upon arriving, the group finds that the place has been attacked. Cashel and Stingle then ambush the group in a joint attack, and Cashel reveals that they had already taken care of the camp. Furious, Moses prepares to attack but is blocked by Will and Senel. Meanwhile, Chloe Valens and Norma face Stingle. Chloe then confirms that Stingle was the one who murdered her parents.

While Will attempts to calm Moses, Cashel explains that Senele will be spared, but that the others will be killed. A more complacent Moses then orders the group to make their way to the rear exit. Before joining them, Will unleashes a Lightning Eres to blind Cashel and retreats. As the group makes it near the exit, they are forced to fight an "Armored Angler", and as soon as they make it to the exit, Melanie greets the group with more "Armored Anglers". Suddenly, Vaclav activates the Bridge of the Legacy. The others retreat while Melanie becomes distracted, but they are soon met with more of Vaclav's soldiers. The group is surprised when some of the soldiers kill their own. Maurits then appears and explains that the soldiers who killed the others were actually his own in disguise, and this ploy was at Fenimore Xelhes's request.

As the groups exists the forest, they noticed the Bridge in the distance, and Maurits explains that several other locations have already been affected by its presence since rising. Norma then realizes that one of the locations is the island housing Oresoren Village. Maurits explains that the Bridge was sealed because it could allow anyone to control the Legacy, not just the Merines. Will is surprised that Maurits managed to sneak his troops into Vaclav's army, and it is then that Maurits receives news that Shirley Fennes and Stella were taken from the Ruins of Frozen Light to the Bridge.

Maurits further explains that Vaclav's intentions are not limited to the Legacy's control, as the Nerifes Cannon is involved, as well. When Norma inquires about these mysterious people and how they obtained this information, they answer that they are the Ferines, or who the Orerines call "The Radiant". Maurits informs the group that they have already met several of these Ferines, and that Shirley is one of them. Norma deduced this after witnessing Shirley's hair glow, as did Chloe when Senel was unconscious. Maurits then offers to take the group to one of the Ferines' bases to hide for the time being. After some discussion, the group decides to accept his offer and go to the base with him.


  • Moses can assist the group in finding the exit, but if the player does not take advantage of Moses's assistance, Senel earns the "Forest Guru" title.