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Fortuna (ToK)
Appearance Tales of Destiny 2
Japanese Voice Actor Saeko Shimazu
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Fortuna (フォルトゥナ Forutuna?) is a central antagonist in Tales of Destiny 2.



Fortuna descended upon the Er'ther Lands via the comet that collided with the planet over 1,000 years ago and brought with it Lens, though she arrived in an incomplete state. Over time, she managed to create Elrane and Reala for the sake of fashioning a perfect world, feeding off the despair left behind by the events in the original Tales of Destiny, which occurred 18 years prior. In the tampered timeline of Destiny 2, Elrane recreates the comet as Fortuna's "egg" to once again birth herself into the world, though this time in a perfect state. Fortuna's true origin is unknown, and though she possesses powers perhaps fitting of a goddess, she is actually nothing more than a super-powered alien descended from elsewhere in the galaxy. It is also unknown whether or not Fortuna herself arrived with the comet by her own design or some mistake; regardless, Elrane uses this fact as a means of translating to the public that Fortuna brought Lens to the world and is to be thanked for its blessing.

Role in the Plot[]

Fortuna is first mentioned when Kyle Dunamis and Reala travel ten years in the future and Kyle notices her name engraved on a statue in Aigrette. Reala explains that Fortuna is a living deity of the era, worshiped by the people. Her following is known as the "Sacred Order of Fortuna" and is highly prevalent in this era. The group first meets Fortuna in Kalviola, where she prepares to grant them their wish of returning to their own time. During the conversation, Fortuna speaks directly to Reala and comments how she has chosen to take a different path from Elrane. Fortuna then urges Reala, though her path differs from Elrane, to never forget their goals. The group quickly realizes that Reala and Elrane are creations of Fortuna, each born to save humanity in different ways. Although the group and Fortuna's ideologies clash, she agrees to send them in the past ten years.

Later, in the distorted timeline, the group finds that Elrane has gained power and now leads the Sacred Order of Fortuna. In this dystopia, people are confined to dome-like cities, unaware of the events happening on the outside. Although Elrane, in the name of Fortuna, finds this ignorant bliss ideal, the group rejects the flawed system. After Elrane's death, Fortuna appears before the group, asking Reala how she intends to save the world. Reala, in turn, rejects the purpose of her creation, claiming that people are capable of discovering happiness for themselves. However, Fortuna argues that humans are incapable of achieving happiness through their own efforts, prompting the group into battle.

During the battle, Fortuna's dialogue stresses her role in the human experience: that she was born from the desires of people, and that her mission is to guide humans to happiness. She beckons why the group wishes to kill her if they are human themselves, capable of experiencing the ignorant bliss she offers. Fortuna notes the cycle of stories, that when one ends, another begins. She claims that a new existence offers a life better than the group's own, as well as that their existing "story" has no purpose, making it a failed experiment. Kyle counters Fortuna's argument by emphasizing humans' role in struggling to create a history, rather than it being created for them. When the group manages to defeat Fortuna, she disappears, though her voice later speaks to Kyle in a haunting echo that taunts him to vie for the power of the goddess.

Appearance and Personality[]

Fortuna Cut-in (ToD2)

Cut-in image for Tales of Destiny 2.

Fortuna bears a heavenly appearance, dressing in a flowing teal robe with white accents and a feathered collar. She has blond hair that is swept back and divided into two long strands, as well as golden eyes, red lips, and a symbolic pattern etched onto her forehead. Fortuna's ethereal look is accompanied by a dark personality, however. Her blind goal for universal happiness is paved with a destructive path that means the end of life as humans now know it. Despite this, Fortuna fails to understand how her views can be considered immoral by the protagonists, and she beckons them time and time again not to resist the utopia she envisions.

Fighting Style[]

Fortuna is an incredibly powerful spellcaster, surpassing even that of Elrane, her creation. In battle, she hovers in the air and hurls spells of all elements with little delay, wielding no weapon to do so. She has access to the strongest spells and extensions in the game, including the elemental summon spells, the HP-zapping Last Vanisher, and the dreadful Indignant Judgment. Fortuna also has regular attacks and four different Field of Effects that can augment her Evasion, Attack, Accuracy, and Intelligence. During the latter half of the battle, she will periodically spawn angelic wings and ascend higher into the air, avoiding physical attacks.