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Four Stars
Four Stars.jpg
Game Tales of Rebirth
Leader Zilva Madigan
Notable Members Saleh
Headquarters Balka

The Four Stars (四星 Shisei?) are the four antagonistic generals who serve the King's Shield of Calegia in Tales of Rebirth. Throughout the events of the story, they are frequently seen carrying out Zilva Madigan's orders directly, as well as engaging the protagonists in battle multiple times. Each member of the Four Stars possesses his or her own unique Force.


Each member of the Four Stars acts according to their vision of a world without Huma, a plan that is more thoroughly orchestrated by Zilva due to her position of power. Throughout the story, Saleh and Tohma typically accompany one another and fight together, while Walto and Militsa mirror this pattern. Despite this, each member is seen carrying out orders individually as well, while Tohma and Militsa are the only two who are fought alone at some point in the story. The protagonists eventually engage all four members in combat at Mount Sovereign. Although none of the members are killed upon defeat, Saleh and Tohma take the liberty of killing each other, while Walto and Militsa abandon their cause and continue living.


  • Saleh (サレ Sare?) - A twisted Huma who takes delight in the suffering of others. He possesses the Force of Storm, granting him access to powerful Wind-elemental spells.
  • Tohma (トーマ Tooma?) - A brutal, Minotaur-like Gajuma who is keen at manipulating others for his own gain. He possesses the Force of Magnet, granting him incredible physical prowess.
  • Walto (ワルトゥ Warutou?) - An older, bat-like Gajuma who opts to serve his country in spite of his own ideals. He possesses the Force of Sound, allowing him to manipulate the waves of a person's brain and temporarily control that person.
  • Militsa (ミリッツァ Mirittsa?) - A determined Half who feels as if the King's Shield is the only place where she can be accepted due to her race. She possesses the Force of Rainbow, which allows her to create copies of herself.