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Fourier (ToAsteria).png
Appearance Tales of Graces
Hometown Amarcian Enclave
Age 25
Race Amarcian
Weapon Shotstaff
Japanese Voice Actor Yumiko Daikoku

Fourier (フーリエ Fuurie?) is a significant supporting character in Tales of Graces. She is a member of the Amarcian race and older sister of Pascal.


After learning that Fourier is working on Fendel's valkines cryas extraction project, the party travels to the Fendel Research Laboratory to speak with her. After dealing with the dungeon's big boss, a large chimera beast that was actually created by her, Pascal shows Fourier the results of extracting a large amount of eleth from Fire-elemental cryas. Fourier believes Pascal is trying to belittle her and begins to yell at her. The party asks Fourier about the whereabouts of the valkines and she tells the party that Kurt Bessel of Fendel knows where the valkines is located. The argument she had with her sister had left a painful blow to Pascal's heart, causing her sometimes to worry about her relationship with her. But when the party later attempts to escape from the cavern by Lhant Hill to fly to Fodra, Pascal sees Fourier riding a monster to help clear a path for them, allowing the shuttle to successfully escape. Before the party goes to face Lambda in the Ghardia Shaft, she and Poisson arrive in Lhant to wish them good luck.

She is later seen again during Pascal's ending visiting Poisson and Pascal at the valkines in Fendel. She catches a whiff of Pascal's foul odor, causing her to exclaim about how disgusting it is for anyone to not take a bath for at least a week. When asking her if more hot water would help Pascal bathe, because she herself said that she never has enough hot water around when she thinks of it, Pascal quickly gets a new idea about how to improve Fendel's valkines to supply hot water to the rest of the citizens, heated by the valkines. But seeing that Pascal has gotten new inspiration and possibly will not be bathing until this project was done, Fourier explodes with anger and starts chasing her around the area, demanding she take a bath right now before she would throw her into the kettle of her machine.

Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve.

If the game is restarted after the final boss is defeated, Fourier will contact the party, asking them to retrieve a device called a lapcomp from Frederic Barnes. However, she ends up becoming one of Solomus's "Terma Ten" and is the eighth boss to be fought in the Zhonecage where she fights the party along with one of her monsters, "Proto Veres". After being defeated, she explains to Pascal and the others that the lapcomp is a portable version of the Archive of Wisdom. She plays a lesser part in the "Lineage and Legacies" story arc, only important when the group visits her at the Amarcian Enclave to figure out where the stronger monsters are coming from. She is seen again at the adventure's end, complaining once again about Pascal's odor in front of everyone in Fendel. She then comically picks her up effortlessly and passes her to Hubert Oswell after asking if anyone was interested in a "stray cat", to which Pascal nervously acts like one.

Appearance and Personality

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While Pascal deals with advance knowledge of mechanics and ancient Amarcian ruins, Fourier specializes in the field of biology, seen later when she assists the party during the "Lineage and Legacies" story arc of Tales of Graces. Unlike her free-roaming sister, Fourier works for the country of Fendel and can be first met at the end of the Fendel Research Lab dungeon. Though she had a hidden rivalry for Pascal upstaging her with her advance knowledge, Fourier has proven to be a loyal sister who would never let Pascal go into anything dangerous. But she seems to have trouble getting Pascal to take a bath when she forgets.


  • Pascal, Poisson, and Fourier's names derive from French mathematicians. Fourier's name is a reference to Joseph Fourier.