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A Fractured Dimension (分史世界 Bunshi Sekai?, "Divergent History World") is a term in Tales of Xillia 2. It represents a world with an alternate history as contrasted with the Prime Dimension (正史世界 Seishi Sekai?, "Official History World"). At the core of a fractured dimension is a Divergence Catalyst (時歪の因子タイムファクター Toki Hizumi no Inshi / Taimufakutaa?, "Time Factor").


A fractured dimension is a world whose history differs from the prime dimension in some key way. The thing that differs the most about a world is a divergence catalyst, and it can be anything, from an item to a monster or even a person. In theory, the existence of a fractured dimension is harmless, but the truth is that the amount of soul energy, a necessary component of life, is fixed across all dimensions. For each fractured dimension that is created, soul energy disperses and leaves each world closer to destruction as spirits grow weaker. Additionally, there is only one Land of Canaan in all the worlds and thus only one of Origin to handle the cycle of reincarnation, so the more dimensions there are, the greater the strain on Origin. In the face of a slow death, Spirius Corporation directs its resources, in particular its Department of Dimensional Affairs, toward destroying fractured dimensions as they appear. To do so, they use the chromatus granted to the blood of the Kresnik clan to enter these dimensions and destroy the divergence catalyst, which will in turn destroy that dimension.

The truth behind the existence of fractured dimensions is far more sinister. A fractured dimension is created when a chromatus bearer overuses their chromatus powers, which in turn causes said bearer to slowly and painfully transform into a catalyst. When the transformation is complete, the chromatus bearer is taken to this new fractured dimension, which represents the world they wished for the most, and lose their memories of their previous life in the process. The divergence catalyst does not have to be the chromatus bearer, however, and as the fractured dimension changes, so too can the catalyst.

Fractured dimensions can be measured in terms of depth and deviation, where depth represents how far the dimension is from the prime and ranges from 0 to 255, while deviation is how much differs between the two, measured from 0 to 1. Entering a dimension also requires a rift, and knowing the three allows a chromatus bearer along with whoever they chose to enter the fractured dimension. Once a fractured dimension is entered, however, it cannot be exited unless the dimension itself is destroyed.

There are also a few rules to the coexistence of prime and fractured versions of the same object or person. Inside a fractured dimension, there is no issue, but inside of the prime dimension, priority is given to the prime version. If the prime version of something does not exists in the prime dimension, then the fractured version can take its place without issue. If the prime version is only temporarily away from the prime dimension, the fractured version can exist in the prime dimension, but the prime version is barred from entering the prime dimension until the fractured version leaves. In the final case where both exist in the prime dimension and then meet, the fractured version will be ejected into the abyss between dimensions. For non-living objects, this is not an issue, but for living creatures, this fate spells death in short order.

If Ludger Will Kresnik and Elle Mel Marta complete Origin's Trial, they end up using their wish to destroy all of the fractured dimensions.


Aside from the four unnamed fractured dimensions, each dimension that Ludger and the party enter is given a number in hexadecimal values. The first fractured dimension is the Stribog Line train, where the events play similarly to what appears in the prime dimension, with President Verland replacing Bisley Karcsi Bakur. The divergence catalyst is Julius Will Kresnik. The second or third fractured dimension to appear, depending on the player's choice, is with Duval as its main point for the divergence catalyst. The conflict between Rieze Maxia and Elympios is far more deadly than in the prime dimension. Rowen J. Ilbert acts as the divergence catalyst due to how his personality contradicts with his prime dimension self, as he takes an aggressive approach when dealing with the Elympions who murdered his friends. The other second or third fractured dimension to appear is with Helioborg Research Center as its main point for the divergence catalyst. Here, the revived Great Spirit of Lightning, Volt, acts as its divergence catalyst.

  • F4128 – The Tatalian Abyss is the rift point, with Mega Tusk being its divergence catalyst. In this dimension, Derrick Mathis did not board E.S.S. Zenethra and instead stayed in Elympios, resulting in Jude Mathis never being born. It is the 999,720th fractured dimension.
  • F41DB – Sharilton is the rift point, with Victor being its divergence catalyst, as well as a Waymarker. This dimension is the "ten years later" scenario of the prime dimension, where Victor kills Bisley, Julius, Jude, Leia Rolando, Alvin, Elize Lutus, and Rowen, all of whom were trying to get Elle Mel Marta. Also, it is said that, eight years prior, Jude succeeded in his spyrite research. It is the 999,899th fractured dimension.
  • F4214 – Marksburg is the rift point, with Sonny being its divergence catalyst. In this dimension, Chancellor Marcia has a pet cat named Sonny, who also happens to be a spirit. It is the 999,956th fractured dimension.
  • F4216 – Trigleph is the rift point, with Muzét being its divergence catalyst, as well as a Waymarker. In this dimension, Gilandor Yul Svent and Alvin were not aboard E.S.S. Zenethra. The Great Spirit of Light, Aska, was captured by Gilland and used in the Oscore Plant as means of being its power source. Milla and Muzét also destroyed Exodus when they were still young. During their fight against Exodus, Muzét was blinded while protecting Milla, who later blames herself for the misfortune that fell upon her sister. It is the 999,958th fractured dimension.
  • F412C – The Bermia Gorge is the rift point, with Hangerzamm being its diverge catalyst. In this dimension, Agria, who survived the last battle, agrees to Leia's help atop the Nia Khera Hallowmont, and the two become friends. It is the 999,724th fractured dimension.
  • F4221 – The Mon Highlands is the rift point, with Wingul being its divergence catalyst, as well as a Waymarker. In this dimension, Gaius's sister, Karla Outway, has a life-threatening illness, which causes Gaius's attention to divert from his country. Wingul pledges with Karla to help Gaius refocus on the country, thus resulting in her taking her own life. Gaius is heart-broken and goes into hiding. Wingul becomes king and, due to the results of his actions, kills Agria, Presa, and Jiao, who he considered traitors to the country. It is the 999,969th fractured dimension.
  • F4223 – Duval is the rift point, with a mysterious ore being its divergence catalyst. In this dimension, Yurgen and Alvin are both successful businessmen in both Rieze Maxia and Elympios. Also, Yurgen and Isla are expecting a baby. It is the 999,971st fractured dimension.
  • F4224 – Drellin is the rift point, with Odin being its divergence catalyst and a Waymarker. In this dimension, The Epsilla Ruins have not collapsed. Inside the ruins, Ludger and the party discover the machine entity Odin, who safeguards the last of nearly half a million people of an era past. Odin is also aware that he is a Waymarker due to another dimension's Ludger and his party arriving there and informing him of it, but Odin later turns them into data. It is the 999,972nd fractured dimension.
  • F4227 – The Kijara Seafalls is the rift point, with the Seafall Phantom being its divergence catalyst and a Waymarker. In this dimension, the Seafall Phantom is killing people using stigma artes. It is the 999,975th fractured dimension.
  • F4229 – Fennmont is the rift point, with Carrie I. Fenn's pendant being its divergence catalyst. In this dimension, Princess Carrie was not lost during the Battle of Fezebel and was married to Rowen until she died of natural causes. Due to this, Nachtigal became a good king who keeps his sister's pendant as her memento. It is the 999,977th fractured dimension.
  • F422D – The Mon Highlands is the rift point, with Otulp being its divergence catalyst. In this dimension, the Auj Oule king Melard is alive and has Gaius and the Chimeriad as part of his military. Melard's hobbies include the creation of artificial monsters, Otulp being one of them. The monster likely kills Melard, who is initially thought to be the dimension's divergence catalyst, but after Melard's presumed death, Otulp most likely becomes the divergence catalyst. It is the 999,981th fractured dimension.
  • F422F – Fennmont is the rift point, with a Howe Prize being its divergence catalyst. In this dimension, Aska is kept within Laforte Research Center while Jude and Professor Haus perfect their research. The Aska of this dimension is very affectionate toward Jude and reveals partial information about Kresnik, who is actually Milla's namesake and the first human to summon Maxwell, Milla Kresnik. It is the 999,983th fractured dimension.
  • F4231 – Bermia Gorge is the rift point, with Vaioplume being its divergence catalyst. It is the 999,985th fractured dimension.
  • F4235 – Nia Khera is the rift point, with Presa's engagement ring being its divergence catalyst. In this dimension, Alvin proposes to Presa before they reach Hallowmont to stop Jude and his party from reaching Gaius. It is the 999,989th fractured dimension.
  • F4237 – Nia Khera is the rift point, with Melancholic Decay being its divergence catalyst. In this dimension, Ivar is the sole believer of Maxwell and the Four Great Spirits in Nia Khera and is often picked on by others because of it. He provides further information about Milla Kresnik to Ludger, Milla, and Jude. It is the 999,991st fractured dimension.
  • F423A – Sharilton is the rift point, with Jiao being its divergence catalyst. In this dimension, instead of abandoning Elize after he killed her parents, Jiao takes Elize with him and raises her as his daughter. It is the 999,994th fractured dimension.
  • F423D – The Temporal Crossroads is the rift point, with Muzét being its divergence catalyst. In this dimension, Milla is killed by Muzét because of her insubordination, while Muzét gains control of the Four Great Spirits. While fighting Maxwell and Muzét in this dimension, Ludger, Jude, and Milla learn more information about Milla Kresnik. It is the 999,997th fractured dimension.
  • F423E – Trigleph is the rift point, with Julius Will Kresnik being its divergence catalyst. It was created right after Ludger defeated him to create the soul bridge to the Land of Canaan. In this dimension, life progresses as normal, Ludger was never caught on the Exodus terrorist attack and worked as a very popular and well-known chef on the station's cafeteria instead while all of Ludger's friends are steadily advancing in their respective fields. Julius seemed to be aware that he was a divergence catalyst, but he offered no resistance when the prime dimension's Ludger arrived to end him, and encouraged him to "create his perfect world". It is the 999,998th fractured dimension.

The first fractured dimension was created by Milla Kresnik after she used too much chromatus. In this fractured dimension, Maxwell still had faith in her, and the clan war over Origin's Trial never happened. Milla and her children gathered the Waymarkers of Canaan; however, the last one, the "Strongest Chromatus Bearer", required the sacrifice of her grandson, Kurt Will Kresnik. This Waymarker was brought to Milla by Kurt's fiance, Lalle Lara Travis. When Milla and Lalle asked Chronos to build the bridge to Canaan, he requested "proof" of the pact. Lalle interpreted his words as a requirement for another sacrifice and killed Milla without hesitation before the latter could speak. During her final moments, Milla's memories of the prime dimension returned to her, and she realized that she was living in a "possible world" rather than a "true one", where the Land of Canaan actually existed. She begged Chronos to spare Lalle, and Milla's divergence catalyst core was transferred to Lalle's unborn child.

Around 1,000 years later, a Spirius Corporation agent entered this dimension but was unable to destroy it, possibly due to the divergence catalyst dying naturally. This agent heard that a human sacrifice was required to create a bridge to the Land of Canaan and somehow managed to contact the prime dimension and inform Spirius of this. The agent eventually became unknown. As of the events of Tales of Xillia 2, this dimension's depth and variation are too high, resulting in it being out of the reach and incapable of being destroyed.


  • There are also five unused ideas for fractured dimensions:
    • One fractured dimension is devoid of Leia due to her father, Warrick Rolando, having no courage to admit his love to Sonia Rolando, Leia's mother.
    • Another fractured dimension features Ludger, who rejects his mission as the destroyer of fractured dimensions due to not wanting to hurt others. He is aware that he is from a fractured dimension and disappears along with it.
    • One of the fractured dimensions lacks Agria's dark past, where she lost her family and sanity during the events of the purge conducted by Nachtigal. Agria lives under her birth name, Nadia Travis, as a cheerful person who would have feelings for Gaius.
    • Another fractured dimension is a dimension where Milla has already destroyed Exodus; however, Professor Haus and Jude continue the spyrix research, and Milla stops them.
    • Another fractured dimension is a dimension where Gaius and Wingul are enemies in a state of war.


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