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Francis Daath
Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Race Human
Occupation Disciple of Yulia Jue

Francis Daath (フランシス・ダアト Furanshisu Daato?) is a historical figure in Tales of the Abyss. He served as one of Yulia Jue's ten disciples during the Dawn Age around 2,000 years prior to the events of the story.


In wake of the miasma's threat, Yulia and her followers eventually created a plan known as the Float Project, a system through which the entire surface of the world would be raised into the sky using the Sephiroth Trees as pillars in order to keep the miasma confined below the surface itself. Many countries adopted this plan, but two opponents, the kingdoms of Ispania and Frank, feared the political influence Yulia held over the world, as she was already being viewed by the populace as a living goddess. The two countries plotted to remove Yulia from her position, and they bribed Daath into betraying her location to them.

Knowing this, Yulia informed Daath that his betrayal was foretold within the Score, telling him that she will not stop him. Daath proceeded to steal six of the seven fonstones, etched on which was Yulia's prophecy, founding the Order of Lorelei to preach their teachings. However, as he began to read the engravings upon the stones, he started to fear Yulia's powers, especially after discovering that his own fate was already recorded. When Yulia was imprisoned and sentenced to death by the International Court of Judgment, Daath, regretting what he had done, rescued Yulia from her imprisonment before committing suicide to atone for his betrayal. Both the country and its capital of Daath are named after him.