Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Rebirth
Residences Anikamal
Race Huma
Occupation Adventurer
Japanese Voice Actor Naomi Kusumi

Frantz (フランツ Furantsu?) is a minor supporting character in Tales of Rebirth. He meets with the protagonists several times throughout the story, often providing his adventuring expertise to help direct them to their next location.


Help in Anikamal[]

The group first encounters Frantz in Anikamal, where he has settled in a tent in the village. After the group explains that they are in need of a doctor for Annie Barrs, Frantz says that he will have a look at her, as the people of Anikamal are notoriously unfriendly toward strangers. During his introduction, Frantz explains that he is an adventurer in search of the "World's Seven Great Illusions". Upon learning that there are no doctors in the village, the group accepts Frantz's offer after he explains that being an adventurer has allowed him to learn a few things about medicine.

At the local inn, Frantz observes Annie and tells the group that he believes she has "Death Garo Fever", which is practically incurable. He also explains that it was this disease that killed nearly all of the people in Karez. Seeing as how the group passed through Karez, the diagnosis seems logical to them, but before Frantz can suggest anything, the innkeeper forces the group to leave because of Annie's illness. Back at Frantz's tent, Frantz explains how the people of Karez developed the disease and brought it to Anikamal, where the villagers knew nothing of the disease and cared for the infected in ignorance.

Frantz then informs the group that there is an illusionary Virus, one of the Seven Great Illusions, known as the "Live Garo", whose horn can be grounded into a power that cures any illness. It is believed that the people who brought the disease to Anikamal went in search of the horn but never returned, leaving the people of Anikamal to believe that the people of Karez brought them the disease and then left them to die. The group resolves to venture to the nearby Oasis and find the Live Garo, having Frantz watch over Annie at the Oasis while they look. The group manages to find the horn, and Frantz is able to concoct the medicine back at Anikamal's inn after persuading the villagers.

Sporadic Assistance[]

The group reunites with Frantz in Kyogen, where they are searching for the "Garden of Illusion", which is also one of the Seven Great Illusions. Frantz suggests the group consult with Wan Gin, a wealthy merchant who lives in the city and is referred to as the city's leader despite his conniving ways. After the events in Kyogen, the group returns to Frantz to inform him that the Garden of Illusion is toward Nolzen, not Kyogen, so Frantz decides to travel there, albeit alone.

The group later finds Frantz in Nolzen, where they inquire about a village where Halfs live. When Hilda Rhambling shows Frantz her tarot cards, he recognizes them as being similar to ones he saw around ten years prior, belonging to a wandering fortune teller he met on his travels. He says that she was traveling to a place called Mocrado Village. The group again finds Frantz while in search of the "Island of Illusion", and he explains how there is a "Continent of Illusion" that is one of the Seven Great Illusions, suggesting that the group search along the coasts for clues.