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Frederic Barnes
Frederic Cut-in (ToG).png
Appearance Tales of Graces
Hometown Lhant
Age 64
Race Human
Occupation Butler
Weapon Cane
Japanese Voice Actor Fumio Matsuoka

Frederic Barnes (フレデリック・バーンズ Furederikku Baanzu?) is the butler of the Lhant family and Cheria Barnes's grandfather in Tales of Graces.


Frederic has been in service of the Lhant family from when Lord Aston Lhant and Lady Kerri Lhant were still young, and long before Asbel Lhant, Hubert Oswell, and Cheria were born. About a year after Lord Aston and Lady Kerri met, Asbel was born, and around the same year, Cheria was born as well. However, due to unknown circumstances, Frederic's son, Cheria's father, and his wife died, so Frederic raised Cheria on his own. He often worried for Cheria when she was a child, as she had very poor health, and in order to protect her, Frederic and Lady Kerri would often prevent her from playing with Asbel due to his dangerous games.