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Freyr Albert
Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Race Human
Occupation •Disciple of Yulia Jue
•Fon Master of the Order of Lorelei

Freyr Albert (フレイル・アルバート Fureiru Arubaato?, "Flail Albert") is a historical figure in Tales of the Abyss. He served as one of Yulia Jue's ten disciples during the Dawn Age around 2,000 years prior to the events of the story.


In N.D. 0006, Albert became the first Fon Master of the Order of Lorelei, leading the organization with Yulia's guidance. Yulia herself made her way to the surface world, believed by the public to be traveling in exile now that the remaining lands were controlled entirely by Ispania and Frank. Albert and Yulia eventually married and settled in Hod, founding the first generation of the House of Fende to pass her hymns through the generations, eventually to be learned by their descendants, Van and Tear Grants, otherwise known as Vandesdelca Musto Fende and Mystearica Aura Fende, respectively. Van's swordsmanship is known as the "Albert" style, being named after Freyr Albert himself, and it was passed on from Van to Asch and Luke fon Fabre.