Aselia Wiki
Friezkiel (ToP).jpg
Game Tales of Phantasia
World Aselia
Region Friezkiel Continent

Friezkiel is a town located on the northern continent of Aselia in Tales of Phantasia. It is the only remaining settlement on the continent of the same name, where the Kingdom of Fenrir once thrived.


Friezkiel is only accessible during the future timeline of the game's plot. According to a girl, the snow in the city has only been around for half a year, but a man also claims that Friezkiel is a neutral area because no kingdom is interested in the icy region, which suggests that snow here is not all that unusual. Nearby is the Temple of Fenrir, a remnant of the former kingdom. Rabbits roam freely, and a girl at the inn tells the protagonists that the god Fenrir was also known as the King of Wolves.

At night, during the blizzards, one can hear a wolf howling from the former kingdom's temple, which likely refers to the guardian spirit Fen Beast, who dwells there protecting the Vorpal Sword. The protagonists venture here via the Techbirds in the future timeline, searching for the land's icy artifact. They make their way to the Temple of Fenrir and face Fen Beast, who bestows Cress Albane the blade upon her defeat.