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Front Line
Game Tales of Legendia
World Shining Blue
Region Legacy

The Front Line (前線基地 Zensenkichi?, "Front Line Base") is an area in Tales of Legendia, located near The Crags and available only during Chapter 4 of the game's Main Quest.


The Front Line is lined with tents, watchtowers, chests, and patrolling guards. The start of the area features a supply shop and a place for the group to rest before their mission. Should the group get caught by a soldier, they are forced into a battle and must start back from their last entry point.


After the group arrives at the base camp, they decide to hide and rest until nightfall, when the operation begins. After Will Raynard leads them to the site, Moses Sandor is surprised to see a lot of people lined in formation. Will explains that they are Rexalian soldiers. Although they are actually civilians, they are prepared to assemble to battle when necessary. Senel Coolidge and Norma Beatty suddenly feel a familiar presence, and at that moment, Ed Curtis and Isabella Robbins appear. Senel wonders if they are soldiers as well, but Will reveals that Ed is actually the chief commander of the empire's Elite Guard and will direct the entire operation, alongside Maurits Welnes. Chloe Valens and Norma are surprised to hear this, and Chloe asks why they are here when the job of the Elite Guard is to protect the Holy Sovereign.

Isabella explains that the Holy Sovereign has been onboard the Legacy for years now, and Ed tells them that the "Bantam Bouncers" outfit is a disguise so they can hide in plain sight. After Maurits, Ed, and Isabella give the rallying cry to the allied forces, they begin storming the front line. The 30th platoon, Senel's group, begins their infiltration of the rear guard. The group makes it to the base and finds a "Pharaoh Gigant" guarding the rear, so they fight the beast and emerge victorious. Moses then calls out to Csaba Rajk and the rest of his crew, and the rest of the soldiers let out a victory cry. At the other side, Isabella receives a report that Vaclav Bolud's defensive line has fallen thanks to the 30th platoon.

Grune and Fenimore Xelhes are relieved to know the group is safe. At the captured base, Maurits gives the allied forces a victory speech and prepares for their next battle. Jay comes to give his congratulations and explains that the rest of the allied forces are headed for the Bridge Plain, asking the group to join them there. Suddenly, a golden light shines brightly from the diction of Raging Bay. Norma claims that it is the same light that appeared when Senel and Shirley Fennes first came to the Legacy, and Moses believes this to be a sign of even the Legacy celebrating their victory. Senel then realizes that the light is the same color as Stella Telmes's Teriques.