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GHS, short for Gin Handy-phone System, is a type of a wireless communication device in Tales of Xillia 2.


A typical GHS resembles a flip phone, with its screen being able to be rotated to either vertical or horizontal alignment while open. The phone can make and receive calls, send and receive messages, and it has other functionalities similar to real world pre-smartphone era cellphones. GHS has another important use in life in Elympios: it is also used as an identification and banking device, e.g. purchasing train tickets. In cases like debt, using a GHS may prove to be "difficult" as because a lot of data is stored and transfered with it, one may find their options of travel severely limited.


Few months after the schism is lifted, GHSs is commercialized as they were initially army-only devices. Their growing popularity prompts the Elympion goverment to utilize it to a greater extent and within the next few months the GHS's functionality is expanded to an identification and banking device.


  • The localization uses the Japanese name for the device instead of a more correct localization-wise "SHS", "Spyrix Handy-phone System", as "G" in the name comes from the Japanese name of spyrix technology: gin technology.