Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Race Human
Occupation King of Medagal
Japanese Voice Actor Mitsuaki Hoshino

Gadel (ゲイデル Geideru?) is the king of Medagal and a major antagonist of Tales of Crestoria.


The Upending of Virtue

Gadel's first appearance is when Aegis Alver reports that he has yet again failed to arrest Vicious the Great Transgressor. Gadel also notes that Aegis was being noticeably close to his wife, Rebecca, before dismissing him.

Gadel is next seen when his guards bring him the transgressors Kanata Hjuger and Misella, and demands them to tell them how to reach the Nation of Sin. He is angered when Misella shoots a fiery glare at him, and orders his guards to kill her for her defiance. The two transgressors fight back and escape.

Gadel follows Vicious, Kanata, Misella, Aegis, and Rebecca through an old tunnel. Rebecca reveals her feelings for Aegis. Right then and there, Gadel appears, accuses Aegis for seducing Rebecca, then orders his men to kill her. As she lays dying, Rebecca asks Aegis to tell her that he loves her, even if it is a lie, which Aegis is unable to do before she draws her last breath. Gadel mocks Rebecca's death and frames Aegis for it by making the people believe that Aegis killed her when he was unable to escape with her, which causes them to label Aegis a transgressor. The transgressors escape with the help of Leon Magnus.

Side Story: Leon

Three months later, Gadel's demands have grown more ridiculous, which makes Leon realize Gadel has him wrapped around his finger. Gadel catches Leon helping a Somatic named Kor Meteor rescue three children that Gadel's men captured for experimentation. Gadel tells Leon that he would welcome him back into service if Leon kills Kor. Leon insultingly refuses and fights Gadel's men, giving Kor and the kids an opening to escape.

The Day You Became God

After an earthquake strikes following the destruction of the Great Earhart Tree by Kasque, Gadel frames it as a conspiracy led by the party, which led to the destruction of two towns. However, none of the party remembers being at the location, indicating that Gadel has allied himself with Kasque and fabricated the vision to summon an entire army of enforcers.

Appearance and Personality

Gadel is an old man with yellow eyes and long, grey hair with a more reddish stripe on the left side. His regal attire consists of purple, blue and gold. His vision orb can be seen in the middle of his chestpiece.

Leading the charge against transgressors, Gadel is seen as a hero to Medagal. What the citizens do not know, however, is that he is a pompous and greedy criminal with disregard of humanity. According to Rebecca, he only cares for making youthful beauties, regardless of gender, his personal playthings. He despises any rebellious intent, as he is easily ticked off when Misella looks him in the eye.